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Behind the Scenes: Creating a Fashion Portrait

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Dec 06

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Fashion Portrait

To create this fashion portrait we used a 3 light setup and shot behind a pane of glass. To add a bit of texture and interest to the glass we added baby oil (thicker than water) and lit it from behind.

We used a long shutter speed to capture the movement of the model and modeling lights in combination with strobes. This simple light setup can be done by anyone and setup in less than 20 minutes!

Final Image

Lighting Setup

The key to creating an image like this is to use a slow shutter speed combined with modeling lights and strobes. Our exposure for this image is 1.3sec f/5.6 ISO 50.

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  • Jay Stebbins

    Very cool Aaron.

  • Aaron Bennett

    Loved the concept and the images look grand. Really good BTS guys! :-)

  • Shantel Rich

    Really loved how the other shots came out as well, very soft and the lighting is amazing!! I’m digging the couch and fluffy pillows Aaron :) Also, the double camera angles are a nice touch as well.

  • Fergville

    fraggin awesome sauce!

  • Daniel James T. Cook

    Nice editing! Getting fancy :)

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  • Justin Bonaparte

    Neat, I like the smooth skin here.

  • Marko Gracin

    thank you for this fun episode!:)

  • Ben Leavitt

    I love the new behind the scenes format!

  • Waseef Akhtar


  • Dave

    I know that some Playboy photographers use 1 part glycerin to three parts of water to cause the water to form droplets (and prevent running) on a model to create a wet look. I prefer two parts of glycerin to five parts of water. I’m guessing this would work just as well on glass – and be much easier to get off the glass than baby oil.

  • Ramon Heinhuis

    nice portrait ! looks really good :)
    but i have a question. I have a Canon 5d mark ii, and my lowest iso is 200, is it possible to make a photo like u did with my camera?

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When shooting outdoors with a flash, dont use a shutter speed faster than 1/200 seconds.