Bakster 2 Videos (2:46h)
  • 01 - Planning Phase & Compositing the Background
  • 02 - Effects & Coloring
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Bring a Fantasy Composite Photo to Life – Bakster

Join us as we create a fantasy composite that looks like it came straight out of a Spielberg movie. Learn to composite multiple images, balance exposure, match lighting, create atmospheric effects, add realistic shadows, and much more!

2 Video Tutorials|9 Sample Images|Photoshop Actions|Photoshop Brush|Instructor: Aaron Nace
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Meet Bakster!

Help bring our furry friend to life and learn some Photoshop along the way. Learn to match lighting, perspective, and color to create a seamless composite.

Step by Step Instruction

Build out this amazing scene from multiple images as you follow along with master Photoshop instructor, Aaron Nace. Learn his thought process behind the photoshoot and how he envisioned the entire composition coming together.

Set the Mood

Learn the most ideal conditions for your photo shoots to give you more flexibility for editing. Shooting at the right time of day will keep more contrast in the sky and fewer hard shadows in your scene. Use Photoshop to adjust the colors and place your subject to create the desired mood.

Build Interaction

Unite the subject with their environment by adding interaction between them. Plan ahead to pose subjects in a way that will compliment the scene. Learn how to evaluate what’s important to make interactions more seamless.

Create Light Sources

Easily add your own light rays and learn the best methods for making them blend seamlessly into your image. Adding light with Photoshop is a great way to bring atmosphere and attention to
your images.

Color Correction

Remove the complexities from correcting colors in shadows, midtones and highlights. At times, highlights are too warm or too saturated and need to be treated separately from other areas of an image. Learn how to correct color and restrict your changes to specific areas.

Phlearn Custom Brushes

Create your own Photoshop brushes so you’ll always have the right brush for the job. Custom brushes are excellent for advanced retouching and adding special effects, like fog, to your images.

Focus Attention

Learn multiple methods to draw attention away from a particular area of an image, so the viewer will focus where you want them to.

Combine Multiple Exposures

Learn how to take multiple exposures of the background and combine them in a way that will give you details in the sky and the buildings without sacrificing contrast. See how to properly use the very powerful and advanced Apply Image function to make this happen.

Composite a Background

Create your perfect scene using different background images to better tell your story. Give your subjects more opportunity for interaction by adding elements that did not originally exist. Learn the best methods for blending background images together for incredible composites.


  1. A fun informative tutorial where you can learn to use Photoshop tools to create a captivating composite. Even having completed many of the more recent PHLearn tutorials, I was still able to learn quite a bit from this one. I would say that this tutorial is best suited to those have a good sense of familiarity of the various tools in Photoshop and now want to put them to use. Highly recommended!

  2. This covers everything from intermediate to advanced. If you need a crash course, I’d recommend this!


  4. -I thought to myself “he will never get a nice refined edge of Bakster”. Then he pulled out the Fur-Brush and really blew my mind.- This tutorial is super interesting and contains lots of very useful tips and sidetones that can be applied in all types of photoshop works . I also find the idea of Bakster very inspiring in terms of creative work, concept development and the DIY aspect.


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