Grand Prize Winner

Out of more than 700 entries, we give a huge "Congrats!" to Nemanja Sekulic from Serbia on winning the #PhlearnAaron contest with his piece entitled "Aaron Steals the Photoshop Great Secret". It’s a beautiful composite of four images into a seamless final piece. Also, it reveals Aaron’s darkest secret of how he gained his Photoshop super powers!

The Grand Prize winner receives a $250 Gift Card to, signed print of their choice, Phlearn Shirt, Stickers and Button, 8GB USB Drive, a 2 Hour Video Chat with Aaron Nace, and a Peak Design Everyday Messenger Bag.

Nemanja Sekulic


Dinosaurs ruled the runner-up spots! These two Runners-Up win a $100 Gift Card to, a signed print of their choice, a Phlearn Shirt, 8GB USB Drive, Phlearn Stickers and a Phlearn Button!


Justin Smythe

Honorable Mentions

No prizes, just fame! You made it all the way to the end, be proud of your work. Congratulations to the Honorable Mention finalists.

Daler Amanbayev

Debbie Smith Bauthues

Katarzyna Klama

Kalaitzakis Giannis

Emmanuel Mascorro

Sly Morosow

Richard Wakefield

Josh Hanna

Staff Picks – Artistic & Whimsical

Destined to be hung in art galleries, these pieces dazzled the staff with their artistic and adorable approach.

Andres Obrador

The Spirited Creativ

Dorin Photography

Arunz Creation

Partha Pratim Chuckerverty

Shots by Shobhit

Stella M Sit

Gage Planka

Trevor Lau

Staff Picks – Made Us LOL

These are the ones that got the biggest laughs from the Phlearn team.


Bryan Henson

Dave Lugin

Fernando Cavalcanti

Frank White

Gross Guillame

Harry Ames

James Duguid


Jason Hahn

Jonas Salvador

Justin Berrington



Marcin Gollanek



Pawel Lipowiecki

Staff Picks – Aquatic Aaron

There were SO MANY mermaids and fish to choose from. Here are some of our favorites.

Subbiah Ramalingam

Casey Slusser

Roberto EspĂ­nola T



Jordan Ryan

Staff Picks – All Aarons

Best use of all Aarons in one piece.

Christina Petrescu

Corina Popa

Kar Tik


Oleg Ermak

SP Studio 10

Staff Picks – TV & Movie

Our favorite TV and movie composites of the contest. "Paint me like one of your French girls!"

Adam Green

Askew Lin

Melissa Giowanella

Eric Peterson

Fred Bridschge

Giannis Vassilandonakis

Staff Picks – Animals

Aaron is a freind of all animals. These are some of our favorites of Aaron making a new friend.

Andhika Zanuar

Davide Barbieri

Zima Evgeniy

Staff Picks – Movie Posters

What is a Photoshop contest without movie posters? Here are some of our favorite ones.

Alex Cazes

Craig Mcloughlin

Lance Thackeray

Partha Chakraborty

Thomas Moray

Nazreen Exe