Mar 18, 2016

Create a gift to remember with Photoshop Mix and Photoshop Lightroom

Use Photoshop Mix to cut out and combine photos on the go, and then make your photos their best with development tools in Photoshop Lightroom for mobile and desktop.

Special Thanks:
Video & Editing: Peter Stepnoski
Talent: Aaron Nace
Talent: Katherine Bezrouch

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    Robert Norman

    Great tutorial! I saw something recently where 3D objects could be added to phone photos.
    Is this possible with this app? For instance using 3D bird and have the ability to rotate in 3D space before committing to locking it in place.

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    Congratulations! Not only for landing the gig with Adobe, but for the videos you made for them. As usual, the instructions are clear and delivered in a “fresh” (for lack of a better word) way. You have a knack for conveying in a playful manner lots of “serious”and useful informations. It’s always a pleasure to watch your work.

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    Dale Forbes

    And THAT is why Adobe asks Aaron and friends to make content for them. Great job, guys!

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    Bobbi Boe

    Really well done video. I have Adobe Mix and had yet to try it and now I feel like I will! Sometimes all you need is the right incentive and a cool and easy tutorial! Thanks!

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    Congrats on getting the Adobe job! I just downloaded Photoshop Mix last week and I have enjoyed playing around ,but no real work yet. Watching this video has helped understand the app better.

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    I just got your email about this. Congratulations! I had to print the email because honestly it’s EXTREMELY inspirational! I’ve been watching you for a few years and you have definitely been a huge influence on my Photoshop techniques! Great job!!

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    Andy Michael

    Really well done, holds attention and upbeat.
    Are you no longer in Mexico?

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    Carolyn D'Alessandro

    Congratulations Aaron, well deserved. Your awesome!! Your a great teacher too!

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    Very cool !! You got to give it to Adobe, they have some great software and App’s. Now Phlearn are demonstrating it so well (as always) it’s a done deal, I’m hooked on the App’s

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    Thomas F. Chitwood

    It turned out great. I really enjoyed the way you put the photo together.

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    Very nice. As always your videos are informing and great quality .
    Watched all three and they are all very good. I’ve been looking for a video that I could follow the steps . Looking forward to more Adobe videos from you.

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    Terry Lee Martin

    Very happy that you finally got your “Dream Client” Aaron. I know the feeling, and it is awesome. Great job.

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    Thomas Nunley

    Great job Aaron. I had the Adobe Apps on my iPhone but really haven’t messed with them. But since signing up for some of the PHLearn tutorials in just the last few weeks you peaked my interests. From watching your tutorials online and my recent purchases, I knew that if you were doing them then it would be fun and I would learn from your instructions. Sure enough Aaron the tools are great and easy. I love watching your instructional videos and Adobe will benefit having you demonstrate their apps. Since watching I have completed a couple of projects and surprised my wife with one especially for her. Thanks Aaron for your approach to teaching and thanks Adobe for using Aaron to simplify what I thought were difficult apps.

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    Patrick Judge

    Great video Aeron. It looks quite easy and the end result is amazing. I must try it out later.

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    Robin Jonathan Deutsch

    Every video you create is a treat. Thank you for helping thousands of people like me improve their PS and Photography skills. You’re awesome.

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    Michael Diederich

    The story/sentiment is refreshingly simple and sweet, Aaron. Production-wise, very slick, quick, easy to follow, and sequence editing is very nice.
    I’m not at all convinced, however, that Chicago winters are anything but, well, just freakin’ cold. I grew up in Aurora, IL and I remember them well.

    I’m happy for you that you’re getting some recognition from the 800-pound gorilla called Adobe.

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    Natalia Osmo

    Amazing!! I’ve been following Phlearn ever since the beginning and it has taught me so much about Photoshop. It’s really great to see your dreams come true Aaron, I hope Adobe will contact you for even more projects. 🙂 Thanks for the tutorial, I didn’t know about the app until now!

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    Hahaa waited and waited..where’s the gif?…Misread…But is nice gift also 🙂 Nice video, nice city…Have to try!

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    William Coggin

    Fantastic video! I have been working with Photoshop Mix for about a week and it is amazing! Hope to see you doing more on the related mobile apps. Congrats Aaron!