Mar 03, 2014

How to Cut Out Your Subject in Photoshop

By Far Our Best Intro Ever!

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    Jalil Harris

    I really enjoyed this tutorial. It’s crazy how it popped up right as I was about to begin a photo manipulation. It gave me pointers on what to look out for. Thanks Aaron 🙂

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    Rob @ Amsterdam

    Why didn’t you use your colored and B/W layers for the luminosity, hue and saturation to match the person with the background like you did in your Pro’s
    Doesn’t get you there for the full 100% but 95% for sure and than you only have to fine tune it a bit.

    I love that method and use it often.

    Thanks for that tip by the way 😉

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    Thormod Nordahl

    I want to reccomend the Pro tutorials. During the Adobe “week” Phlearn made one available for free, and I downloaded it. During the tutorial, I was thinking: “OMG! Kill me now. Is this never going to end?”

    I can’t make the blue before lips as good as the blue after ones yet, but I will get there now!

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    Alecia Lindsay

    This tutorial is exactly what I needed for what I am working on right now! It’s perfect! Also, I might have maybe possibly perhaps watch the intro like 4 times.