PHLEARN MagazineWhat Does Surrealist Photographer Ronen Goldman Carry in His Bag?

What Does Surrealist Photographer Ronen Goldman Carry in His Bag?

Ronen Goldman specializes in surreal conceptual photography. His dream-inspired, “Surrealistic Pillow Project” employs abstract concepts that convey meaningful, funny, and magical stories that are open to the viewer’s interpretation. While figuring out how to capture the concept of each image takes months to plan, the photos have to be shot in one session so that they can be captured from the same viewpoint with the same lighting to ensure they are optically correct. Let’s take a look inside Ronen’s camera bag to see what equipment he uses to pull off these dream-like images.


I like working with both digital and analog, so whatever I can do in medium format film, I go for it. For everything else, I love my digital setup.


    Canon 5D Mark III

    DSLR camera with 22-megapixel full-frame CMOS sensor and wide range ISO setting of 100 – 25600

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  • Pentax 67II
  • Canon for digital and Pentax for medium format film

I love my Canon. Paired with prime lenses, it enables me to enlarge my works to exhibition size without any worry.

I always wanted to shoot medium format, as digital seemed expensive and didn’t always have that ‘look’ I was after. Then I found the Pentax 67 and fell in love; it has a unique feel.


The 50 and 85 paired with my Mark III give such a unique tonality and sharpness that they only leave the camera when I have to go wider.


Godox AD360II-C

Built-In 2.4GHz X Wireless Radio System, Bare-Bulb Design with 360Ws Output

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Elinchrom Rotalux

Deep Design for Focused Soft Light, Directional Control

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I’ve been using the Godox AD360II paired with an Elinchrom Rotalux, for very soft and dependable light with enough power to handle outside situations.


Think Tank Airport Takeoff. I’ve had it for many years now, probably my favorite piece of equipment. I have lots of Think Tank stuff (backpacks, slings), and it’s all built to last and wisely thought out. Helps me get to and from location shooting with ease.


Variable ND filters – helps when creating cinemagraphs and anything video related.

“The Surrealist Pillow Project” has been a work in progress for about 10 years and Ronen has no intention of stopping any time soon! To see more from the series, as well as his cinemagraphs and commercial photography, visit his website or Instagram. And, be sure to check out our interview with Ronen.

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