May 15, 2014

How to Change the Color of Anything in Photoshop

Base Color and Highlight Color

When changing the color of an object in Photoshop there are ways to change the base color and the highlight color, we go over each of those methods in this episode.

Today we are changing the color of a car from blue to green. Cars have base colors and often times the highlights reflect a variation of that color. We use Hue/Saturation to target Blues and then adjust the hue slider until we have a color we like.

After choosing green as a base color we select out the highlights using Select Color Range and bring that selection into the Color Balance Adjustment layer. From here we show you how to adjust highlights, mid tones, and shadows separately. By the end of this tutorial, you should know how to change the color of anything in photoshop.

Adding Style with Lens Flare

After we change the color of the car we couldn’t resist adding a nice lend flare to the image. The Lens Flare gets a bad rap but when used well it can be very nice. We show you how to get a lens flare on its own layer and make adjustments to it.

You will learn how you can layer mask a lens flare in Photoshop and even how to mask and blur it.

Using Color Balance to Style Your Image

To finish the image off we use a Color Balance adjustment layer. Color Balance will allow you to change the highlight, mid tone, and shadow colors separately. This ability makes Color Balance ideal when it comes to adding style to an image.

In this case we add more yellow and red into the highlights while at the same time adding blues and greens into the shadows. The effect is subtle enough but gives the image a bit more of an edge.


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    Hi, i need the help of change the color of a car using threshold and expourse option in photoshop cc,
    can you help in this.

  • user image

    Hi, is there a way to change the colour to a specific colour you have from a swatch?
    Any help would be much appreciated!

  • user image

    Great tutorial, as usual. I’m learning a ton from you guys, and I appreciate it. One request – a tutorial on how to *remove* the kind of lens flares you get when shooting into bright lights such as at concerts. I’ve looked around on the site and I don’t see anything that specifically seems to address it. Here’s an example photo. Thanks!

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    Diego Vazquez

    The best way i find to change colors is with the channel mixer

  • user image

    Awesome! Awesome! Awesome! But what about an object that’s white/black? How would one go about changing a white car to, let’s say, an orange car?

  • user image
    Natasha Heredia

    Ok, I tried this… and I just want to say it was no where NEAR as easy as you made it look. I don’t know if it was my pic or me… 😛

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    David Mair

    Another useful tutorial. I’ve had a similar project for myself a while back and wish I’d known how to do this back then. It would have saved me a lot of time. That said… green? Green? :-)

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    Daniela Faber

    Hello!! I “discovered” Phlearn about three weeks ago and now I’m addicted!! Thank you so much for teaching us!!! I wanna ask you if it’s possible to make a free tutorial showing how to do the effect in Dean’s face. I found some videos teaching how to put light over a face, but no one like this one, like the light is coming from under the skin… Well, is just a suggestion. 😉 Hugs from the new brazilian “phan” to all Phlearn’s Phamily, specially to Aaron! (by the way, forgive me if I wrote something wrong, I’m learning English by myself…)

  • user image
    Tom Sproule

    Thank you very much! Wish I’d had this two months ago, spent ages messing around trying to change colours and getting it wrong. My boss and the client loved it, but I wasn’t happy. Oh well, now I know. Life’s about learning right? :)