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PRO Textures Bokeh
Number of Textures: 100
Add Flare to an Image

Simulating Depth of Field

These HD Textures make it easy to add bokeh to any image. Simply place the texture over the image and change your blending mode to screen. Done.

Combine different textures for added effects.

400 Textures $29.99
Number of Textures: 100
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Included Bokeh Textures

Simply add these textures over top of your image and change the blending mode to SCREEN to make the background disappear and leave the bokeh. Each image will produce a completely different effect, so be sure to try a few textures.

For added effect, combine more than one texture.

All Bokeh Textures are 21 MegaPixels Large!


We are also adding the option for you to get a pack of 400 textures! You will never run out of options with this selection.

Did we mention that they are only 7 cents per image!

Example Images:

  • zero-0

    I know you provide a quick description above and show examples, but I think it would be really nice if you got a short video link to show examples of how you are putting some to good use. Maybe a free HD video where you can tease people and get them to buy this pack ? :)

  • Cole

    You should also make a PRO tutorial on the last image in this page. The one with the Girl in Red Dress with Blowing Leaves. That is a awesome image.

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