Oct 07, 2016

Aaron’s Six Photoshop Tips & Tricks to Increase Productivity

Want to work faster and more efficiently in Photoshop? We compiled a list of 6 Tips and Tricks that are sure to boost your Photoshop speed and efficiency!

Add More “Undo” States

Photoshop will allow you to go “back in time” through “Undo – CTRL/CMD +Z” and “Step Backward – ALT/OPTN+CTRL/CMD+Z.” Many people find they run out of “Undo States” and can’t go back any further. You can increase the number of times you can “undo” in Photoshop’s preferences.

Open Photoshop Preferences and navigate to “Performance.” Here you will see “History States,” this is the number of times you can “undo.” Increase the slider until you feel comfortable. Keep in mind that with more History States, Photoshop will use more computer resources to store those states.

Quick Export

After editing your images in Photoshop, it is time to post them online. The easiest way to export images for online viewing is through “Quick Export.” To change the Quick Export Settings, go to “Photoshop – Preferences – Export” and adjust the settings to your desired output. In most cases, you will want Jpeg, for transparency use PNG, and for Animations use GIF.

Increase Performance

The best way to boost Photoshop performance is to add RAM. You can also allow Photoshop to use more of the RAM on your computer by going to “Photoshop – Preferences – Performance.” Here you will see the amount of available RAM and a slider to increase or decrease how much of that RAM Photoshop can use.

Try increasing the slider to 80%-90%. Keep in mind, if Photoshop is using most of the computer’s available RAM, other programs will slow down. For intense editing sessions, close down all other programs and give Photoshop a ton of RAM!

Use Scratch Disks

Once Photoshop has used all the available RAM, it will store temporary information on a “Scratch Disk.” a is a physical drive attached to your computer. You can choose to use the internal hard drive, but it is best to use a secondary drive without an operating system on it. For instance, if you have two internal hard drives, choose the one that doesn’t run the Operating System.

You can also use external drives connected via USB or Thunderbolt. Hard drive speed and connection method will influence Photoshop performance. For best results, use USB 3.0 + or Thunderbolt 2.0 + and a Solid State External Hard Drive or a Raid Array External Hard Drive.

Proper Color Settings

Photoshop offers many options when it comes to Color Space. Some of these Color Spaces are larger than others, allowing you to use more Colors when editing. In most cases, you will want to edit with the most Colors available. Our suggested Color Space is ProPhoto RGB, which is the largest available Color space.

To change Photoshop’s working Color Space, go to “Edit – Color Settings,” and in the “Working Spaces” RGB Dropdown, choose ProPhotoRGB. Be sure to check the boxes in “Color Management Policies” for “Profile Mismatches – Ask When Opening, Ask When Pasting” and “Missing Profiles – Ask when Opening.”

Learn Keyboard Shortcuts

Most of Photoshop’s Tools and features can be accessed via Photoshop Keyboard Shortcuts, and learning these shortcuts can dramatically speed up your editing process. A great way to learn Keyboard Shortcuts is to print them from Photoshop! Go to “Edit – Keyboard Shortcuts,” here you can view the existing Keyboard Shortcuts and even customize your own.

To print out a list of existing shortcuts, click on the “Summarize” button to save a .HTM file. Open this file in any Web browser and print it as a quick-reference Guide to keyboard shortcuts in Photoshop!

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    Robert Campsmith

    Hi Aaron, thanks for the tutorials. I always learn something from you. How about a little tutorial on making an animated GIF or a movie clip. Here’s the deal. I have about 75 images from my tripod that I shot of our high school reunion this summer as we gathered for our annual group shot. I would like to make these into a little movie or animation that I could share with the classmates. Kind of fun to see how we behaved as we line up for the ‘shot’.
    Thanks, Robert.

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      i agree.. i would love to learn some animated gif Thanks Aaron for your tutorials.

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    Aaron I just love watching your videos !!! I have learned so much from you and always look forward to seeing your next video !!! thanks

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    Karim Behravesh

    Thanks for great tutorials. There is always some thing new to learn.

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    You are and have been a great help to me. I mean a Great help. Thanks so much!

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    Hey, Aaron. Thanks, man for being so helpful, everything I know about this program comes from you and not only because your tutorials are inhumanly good but also you have great personality which makes them fun and enjoyable. Keep the good work up, Sensei.

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    Thomas Allaway

    Hi Aaron, another great video. A question regarding PS performance, if RAM is increased to improve photoshop performance would this have detrimental effect on Lightroom if both open at same time, especially if you process same image file between applications. Regards

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    Thank! can we use the same technique on a circular plan (label on a bottle or similar)

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    Loren Vinal

    You have great tips, I have learned a great deal of photoshop information over the last couple of years.
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    Loren V.

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    Hi Mr. Aaron, thank u for the tutorials this is the first time i have learn something from you
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    Amanda Schulz

    Using your tips I have been photoshopping faster than ever! I got this one done in 5 min!

    *I’ve been trying to practice my photoshopping using my husband’s Stormtrooper toy! Stormtrooper has 11 segments of story so far, lol!

    Photoshop Tutorials: Aaron’s Six Photoshop Tips & Tricks to Increase Productivity

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    Bro please can you tell me how to edit this kind of image I have attached please check it out I hope u help me and Reply me by email thank you for your time

    Photoshop Tutorials: Aaron’s Six Photoshop Tips & Tricks to Increase Productivity

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    Hi Aaron, Your tips and tutorials are awesome. I do photo manipulation and i post them on instagram. Currently i make them on RGB profile on 72px. However i am thinking of making prints of them in the future and i know 72px wont work prints. I want to know how should i setup my file (in what dimensions/pixels and which color profile) to make it instagram as well as print ready.
    Waiting for your reply.
    If you can do checkout my work @masterf_ and give me some feedback. Thankyou.