Mar 07, 2013

Behind the Scenes: Lensbaby Fashion Photography

See all the post processing techniques used in the Phlearn Pro Tutorial: Fashion Trip

The Lensbaby

For those unaware of the amazing lens that is the Lensbaby, allow us to explain. The Lensbaby Composer Pro is a selective focus lens that uses a swivel ball and focus mechanism to produce an effect similar to tilt-shift, but not quite. The lens lets you focus on one part of an image and blurs out the rest, creating beautiful one-of-a-kind images. Disclaimer: If you desire tack-sharp, technically perfect photos, this lens probably isn’t what you’re looking for, but it is great for creating incredible pieces of art.

Wardrobe & Styling

With this being a high fashion shoot inspired by the likes of Michael David Adams, Rankin, and Mert & Marcus, the wardrobe and Styling was a vital part of pulling the shoot together. Working together with hairstylists, Makeup artists, and wardrobe stylists will take your photos to a new Level.

Shooting Bare Bulb

We decided to shoot using bare bulb lighting for the first time ever. This means shooting without any lighting modifiers on our strobes such as 7″ reflectors, beauty dishes, softboxes, etc. The non-directional Light creates an ambient effect that we emphasized with colored gels.

Tips For Posing Models

  • Use references. Search the internet and flip through magazines to find photos with models posing in ways that appeal to you. You can print these out or save them onto your phone to bring to a shoot, giving your model(s) a blueprint to work off of.
  • If a pose looks uncomfortable, it probably is. If your model is bent into an awkward shape, have her or him relax for a second and get into a more natural pose.
  • Get in the place of the model. By actually showing a model the pose you want by doing the pose yourself, it will be much easier for them to understand rather than spoken direction.

Post Production

In post production the Colors were pushed as much as possible, as we wanted these images to be full of Color and Light. Check out theΒ Phlearn PRO Tutorial to see exactly how it was done!

Final Images

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    Awesome. I’ve seen every one of your episodes (lot of time spent) and it is quite admirable and inspirational how much you’ve progressed in such a short amount of time. I think you may have a book in you about how to start a successful photography business…

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    Vishal Diwan

    Perfect Delight on Women’s Day….

    Happy Women’s Day to All… You make the World Beautiful…

    Cheers and Love πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    Vishal from India

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    Aaron, can you say, what music did you use in this video? It is sooo nice!

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    Rob Schut

    Outlandish , so good
    The music is catchy indeed.
    I love the “behind the scenes” but I would even like it better (and maybe more of us out here) if you would pick one shot out of all and explain it in more detail (like the place of the model, the place of the camera and lights and some info about adjustments and of course the result as a wonderful picture)
    Anyway, keep up the good work, phlearn you later phlearnigator

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    Thanks but I did not learn anything from this “tutorial”. It was just talk, no explanation on how the shot was created, how the lighting was done, how the lensbaby was used, absolutely nothing learnt πŸ™