May 06, 2016

How to Create a Mothers Day Card in Photoshop

How to Create a Mothers Day Card in Photoshop

Download our FREE Mothers Day Card template and learn how to include your own hand-written message!

Type a Message in Photoshop

To type a message in Photoshop, double-click on the smart object labeled ‘card’. This will open the smart object in a new window ready for editing. Use the Type tool to write a message, then save the smart object. Your changes will automatically update on the final photo.

Use Your Own Handwritten Text

Add more personalization to this Mother’s Day card by including a handwritten message. First, write your message on a white piece of paper. Next, take a photo of the paper or scan it into your computer with a scanner.

Open the photo in Photoshop and transfer it to the smart object labeled ‘card’. To open the smart object, double click on the thumbnail. Any changes you make to the smart object will automatically update on the final image.

If you want the white background to disappear, change the blending mode of the smart object to ‘darken’.

Download the Phlearn Mother’s Day Card Template


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    Mrs. Doodle Journey

    Thank you so much, this is great! It would be awesome if the flowers could be switched out with other flowers in layers depending on our mom’s favorite flowers <3! My mom's favorites are sunflowers!

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    This is a really great idea. Thanks, Phlearn :). I will try it out tomorrow.
    Many greetings from Germany!

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    Thanks so much, Aaron! I love your videos, I’m a fan for life!

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    Thanks! This is great, and I love the tutorial too! Keep up the hard work Aaron!

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    Scott Hollingsworth

    Always enjoy your tutorials. Short, SWEET and to the point. Thank you!

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    Ramona Mocke

    I truly enjoyed working with this Aaron! Love your work! From New Zealand

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    thanks Aaron, great! love your ideas. Enjoy your mother tomorrow.

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    Ian H

    Another excellent episode, many thanks. The card reminded of your tutorial of restoration of an old photo. Your mum was a real sweetie in that clip.

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    Shaun Armstrong

    Used the template – worked a treat.. Mum loved it..

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    Great tutorial! Why is the length of you hair different in each episode I see you? Are you Photoshopping it too? 🙂

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    Richard Randolph

    Thank You for doing this, Aaron. Next a template for Christmas and I’ll be all set. I’m just learning Photoshop and this was a good teaching tool for me besides being very useful.

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    At first I was afraid, I was terrified, but now I know its not so hard. So long as I have your tutorials…

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    Thanks Lovely Tutorial.. a new information a new knowledge a new skills. Thank you..

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    what about doing a tutorial about the Orton Layers, I have heard about it but I don’t really understand it.
    Thank you,

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    legacy stranger

    just joined the phamily and am still trying to take in everything am learning.. Love the tuts.. Am idea for a tut.. Steam punk(not sure this is what they are called) Sort of a human robot

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    Yo Aaron! I punch in Dyptic or Tryptic here or on your YouTube…. nada. How about a When to, How to, Cool layer effects, Awesome borders, from one photo, multiple photos, all things TRYYYYPTIIIIC!

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    Carlos Castro

    Very cool tutorials as allways.
    Aaron, you should do a tutorial on how to turn an image or drawing into a Tattoo, both in color and black and grey, preserving the textures and properties of the skin…