Oct 15, 2013

Creating a Movie Poster: Riddick – Part 2

ReCreating Riddick

Movie posters are a wonderful place to look for inspiration when creating art. They are the culmination of countless creative people working together towards a common goal. A movie poster has to be so much more than a simple image. It must tell the story of the movie and pull people into the theaters.

In today’s episode we pick up where we left off in Creating a Movie Poster: Riddick – Part 1. Having taken care of most of the coloring and shadow work in part one, now it is time to create the eyes that make this image stand out.

Creating the glowing eyes in this tutorial can be done simply with the brush tool and a layer mask. Learning how to paint these eyes will give you more practice in understanding light and shape.

Here are some of the tools we use:

  • Brush Tool – Allows you to “paint” on your image, any color you want!
  • Layer Mask – Layer masks dictate what part of a layer remains visible. Black makes things invisible, White makes things visible.


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    Rodrigo Feijó

    decided to try out some of the techniques to create a similar image (and have fun). thanks so much, learning a lot with every tutorial.

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      Samuel Angelo Oliveira Moura

      Hi, my name is Samuel Moura, and when I saw the tutorial, and had a photo that was already compatible done in the studio some time ago, thought it would be cool to do this effect … and here is the result … thanks for the wonderful tutorial

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    Ian Allen Elkins

    I’ve been a phlearner ever since the private live classes were available a few years ago and i love how far phlearn and even Aaron himself have come. Although i learn a lot from these episodes i find myself selling myself short and forgetting a lot of information simply because I’m a more hands on learner but i don’t always have the time to shoot something similar just to brush up on the free episodes. Is there any chance you can start including in the free episodes a copy of your original image you use for the episode in a link below so we can start practicing more hands on and apply it in the exact way you have to get the information to stick just a bit better in our heads so we can later on apply it in the field?

    thanks so much Aaron

  • user image
    Jake Kaltenbach

    This just in. Eyes are hard! Thanks for the tutorial Aaron. My students love the effect!

  • user image
    Keegan Evans

    My lighting wasn’t quite right in my shoot but I still like how it came out! Thanks Aaron for always inspiring!

  • user image
    Rob Williams

    Well, here is my attempt that was inspired by my cat that stares at me while i’m trying to sleep… before going into ninja mode. Thanks Aaron & Phlearn! You guys are awesome!

  • user image
    Bryan Morse

    I started with a plan to “copy” what you were doing. The picture lead me in this direction it just kind of came. I did use allot of the techniques you showed

  • user image
    Iven Li

    Hi Aaron, this is my movie poster. I had started learning Photoshop about one month ago. Your tutorial is amazing and helpful. Hopping to hear some feedback from you because I want to become better. Thanks,

  • user image
    Jason Jamerson

    Here is my shot at the Riddick poster. Thanks Aaron and Phlearn team for all the awesome content! You folks are amazing!

  • user image
    Kelvin Patel

    Gotta Love Phlearn! There are lot of things learned from Aaron and its So good. So Thank you. 🙂

  • user image
    tanzeel sayani

    thanks phlearn! i know soo much about photoshop cuz of u guys and heres a proof of ur teaching skills

  • user image
    Duane Carter

    I did mine a few months ago and I’m sorry that I’m late to share with the group.
    This was a great movie tut. How about an Iron Nacer or Capt. Aaron style poster?

  • user image

    My test 🙂
    Thanks again Phlearn ! Love ur team !
    P.S. Im open to the critique 🙂

  • Martijn

    Thx Phlearn,

    I found it very fun to play with this subject.
    So I share the result!