Jul 23, 2015

How to Add Metadata to Photos in Lightroom


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    Thanks! That was really helpful. Especially the import preset tip. I’ve synced all my images.

    Now, back to watching more tutorial so can I learn to take photos that others actually want to use/steal 🙂

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    Steven Maguire

    Another good idea is to enter it in your camera. that way if the police retrieve you camera they can look and determine who’s it is

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    Pretty basic, but always nice to watch Phlearn videos. Wish someone could come up with a good way of protecting your metadata from sites that wipe it clean on upload like Facebook does.

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    I find that won’t upload .NEF (Nikon raw) or am I doing something wrong?

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    Any tips on advanced metadata? The shopping cart software I use can do some nifty things with ‘codes’ but I need to figure out a way to generate a random string and add to metadata or filenames.


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    Michael Stagg | Light Scribe Creative

    An awesome tutorial and timely as well! I have my camera set up with copyright information but this is a great compliment to that Oh yeah, just in case any PC users are wondering, you can create the © symbol by either using Alt+Ctrl+C or Alt+0169 (which is what I just used). Love the tutorials and I love Phlearn! Continued success!

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    Patrick Kirkland

    Is it possible to search the internet by your metadata for anyone who has taken your photo and re-posted your picture on their site?

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    Thomas Keach

    Thanks, Aaron, another very helpful lesson! Once you have the metadata embedded in your photo, if someone does steal it, can they remove the metadata?

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    Warren Jansen

    Hi Aaron;
    This was good info for adding metadata and copyright info.
    Now the bad news… Can the same steps, or be taken, if I’m using PS CS.5?


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    Hi dear Aaron!
    where are exercise file?
    How to download them?


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    Jacqui G

    Please can you tell me where I find the copyright symbol on my pc? I am trying to put it in the metadata but cant find the symbol. Many thanks. Jacqui

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      press and hold the Alt Key, and on the keypad press 0169 – doesnt work if you use the number keys on the top of your keyboard though, has to be on the number pad.

      If you don’t have a number pad you can use Character Map on windows and copy and paste it from there

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    Aaron is a way to permanently store the metadata, there are some tools out there that will remove all data, I won’t name there here, but some come with commercially available content managers

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    Jeffery Guthridge

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