Oct 02, 2014

Phlearn Photoshoot Behind the Scenes: Liquid Portrait

Behind The Scenes

Come behind the scenes with Aaron Nace and the Phlearn team for our latest Pro Tutorial, “Liquid Portrait”.  We discuss developing a concept, lighting, photographing splashes and much more!

To view the Pro Photoshop Tutorial, click here:  Liquid Portrait


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    Barnia Scruggs

    Aaron, I always love the behind-the-scenes episodes. Thanks for sharing.
    I wondered if you used real milk for this shoot or another colored liquid. Keep up the great work!!

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      Hi Barnia!

      Thank you for the kind words! We actually bought a bunch of jugs of real milk! 🙂

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    Doug Vargas

    You are amazing guys! I hope one day work with people like you! creating new concepts and enjoying what you do.

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    Wow. It was really interesting.
    I’ve always wanted to watch some tutorial like this, now I’m so glad that there’s one on Phlearn.

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    Great job.
    First of all, thumbs up for the make-up artist.
    I know how difficult this is cause I have been experimenting with this subject about a year ago.
    Having a model and add the milk splashes on her back later, in Photoshop, just similar to this shot.

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    Tom Mueller

    Liked the video very much. would love to know what company sells the boom arm and base you used for the hair light. Much more stable-looking than mine.

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      It’s actually A Calumet Super Boom. While we’re not sure you can find that specific one new anymore, there are lots out there like it 🙂

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    Natasha Heredia

    You guys just keep getting more and more professional all the time!! Woot!
    So, who’s the dog??? 😀
    Any info on using/transforming splashes into an actual SHAPE? Like a dress or bottle or car or shoe or idunno…
    P.S. Since you use coconut oil in your hair, Aaron, does that mean at the end you had coconut milk in your hair??? huh? huh? yeah I’ll stop now.

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    Great tutorial – thanks so much! Can you please tell me what 3D CAD program you use for the studio set lighting diagrams?

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    Wow awesome Behind the scene 🙂
    Should have looked this one before my bought my Alienbees 🙁

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    Amazing video of the process you and the team followed. I’ve been a faithful fan of Phlearn and have learned so much that I would’ve otherwise had such trouble with. Thanks for all you do!

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    Hello Aaron,

    I never see you using a lightmeter.. Do you use it and why do you or don’t you?

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