A Portrait Photographer’s Essentials

Rodney ‘Avo’ Omeokachie is freelance commercial photographer from Nigeria focusing on a mastery of portraiture. Here’s a look at what he carries in his bag.


Canon 7D MKII and Samsung NX300. The 7D can handle EVERYTHING and every situation! It’s a compatible with both previous gen and next gen accessories.


I have two major lens that I use: 1) Sigma 18-250mm 3.5 for general purpose since it is extra wide and has a lot of zoom. I use it for food, landscape, product, and whatever else the job requires. It is a very high quality lens and has served me well. 2) Sigma 85mm 1.4 Art lens for portraits. This lens is super rare and one of the most amazing pieces of glass I have ever had the pleasure of using. It is what I use mostly for portraits and headshots but it can also surprise when shooting other subject matter.


Godox and Elinchrome. I don’t love them for any particular reason. They just work and are compatible with all my gear.


Proprietary Canon Camera Bag. It has so many compartments; 56 in all.

Rodney Avo

Rodney ‘Avo’ Omeokachie is a photographer and creative consultant based in Abuja, Nigeria. He is comfortable shooting across multiple photographic genres but generally enjoys anything involving portraiture. He also enjoys speaking about creativity, mastery and everything in between.

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