Interview with Carl Carieo Crenshaw

We seek out some of the most talented creatives on the planet and ask them to share a bit about themselves and their creative process. Today we have the pleasure of learning more about graphic designer and photographer Carl Carieo Crenshaw.

What’s the one quote that always fires you up?

CCC: “I’d rather hustle 25/8 than slave 9 to 5.”

This is a quote I’ve always lived by, so it’s something I tell myself everyday, it reinforces the task at hand which is to live by your own rules and follow/create your dreams.

Do you have any particular habits that are a part of how you begin your creative process?

CCC: I tend to go for a long walk through the forest, seeking sweet spots of light glistening through the shadows of the trees. During this process it helps me understand light and shadows.

What do you do when you hit a wall during your creative process?

CCC: Well, this happens to me frequently. My process is to #JUSTstart. I’ll sometimes sit in front of the computer and start combining graphic elements with photos I’ve taken in the past, creating something new. We, as photographers, and creative individuals in general, tend to neglect ourselves creatively, we need to take more pictures of ourselves showcasing the hidden beauty behind the lens.

What’s your favorite photo you’ve ever captured and why?

CCC: This particular photoshoot was my favorite because:

  1. The model was amazing to work with.
  2. My client actually allowed me to be as creative as possible with no strings attached. We utilized smoke, water, fire and even dirt.
  3. The editing process is what made this project amazing, it allowed me to waste time (haha) but in a creative way, experimenting with different editing techniques and graphical elements.
  4. Honestly, Aaron’s flashy colors throughout his work combined with Lindsay Adler’s fashion flare is where I currently draw inspiration.

What book would you recommend any creative person read?

CCC: You Are A Badass by Jen Sincero

You view more of Carl’s work on his Instagram.

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