Jan 17, 2014

How to Replace a Skyline in Photoshop

Let’s Replace That Skyline

In this episode we combine two different images into one amazing memory. The the main learning points consist of coloring, and masking. Make sure to give it a try, and post your version below. We’d love to see it.


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    Wes Jerdon

    Awesome job Aaron, as always! I like how you guys have the camera up top now to show the keyboard, really nice! Keep creating, ill keep Phlearning!

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    Andrea Zani

    Great episode Aaron !! I’d really like to see an episode on how to work effectively with textures… I keep struggling to learn the real use of them to enhance a photo or help mask little flaws in composites …. what do you think ?

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    Great tutorial, as usual. I agree with @wesjerdon:disqus—the ‘keyboardcam’ is useful. I’d suggest leaving out the music. It’s fine on its own, but it doesn’t really gel with the video, IMHO. Instead, it becomes a little distracting. Besides, why should it compete with your dulcet tones? 😉

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    Antony Shvain

    Very cool, Aaron!
    But there is one thing.. difference in light on buildings and people