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Behind the Scenes: Banished Mermaid

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You will probably notice watching this behind the scenes video that it seems like this was 3 completely different photo shoots, not one. That is because it is 3 different shoots. We have found over time that we love to shoot one big conceptual shot, and while we have everyone together it is great to do some secondary images. You never know what you are going to get with these, and sometimes they turn out better than your original idea.

Fitting a Ton Into One Day

We were shooting for an amazing mermaid image we have coming up, and the shoot involved a ton of props and styling. Originally we were going to make the entire mermaid costume out of fabric before the shoot, but it seemed like it was going to be impossible to make it look realistic. We decided to shoot the model nude, and then add the effects in post. We also did a photo shoot with just fish today that will wind up making the bottom part of the mermaid.

In all it has been a long and wonderful day. As of typing this I have been working for almost 17 hours today. These are the kind of days that get me going and make everything worth it. Coming up with a concept and busting your ass until it becomes a reality!


Here are a couple outtakes from today’s shoot!


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