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  • How to Stylize a Magazine Cover in Photoshop

  • by Aaron Nace
    October 16, 2015
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Getting Started

We start today’s episode off by pulling in an image from Fotolia.com.  This image will serve as our magazine cover.  After we have our image pulled into Photoshop we are ready to begin stylizing.

Adding Style 

We add Style to our magazine cover by using a Color gradient.  There are so many awesome options in the Gradient Fill dialog box that you can really get in and play around a bit until you find something you like.  In our case, we decided that we wanted our Color gradient to go from green to magenta.


Next we bring in our Phlearn Logo.  We want this Logo to appear behind our subject.  We create an Adjustment Layer and use a Brush to mask out the areas we don’t want appearing on top of our subject.

Finishing Touches

We finish off by using some type and alignment Tools in Photoshop to add some Text to our magazine cover.

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