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How to Sync Settings in Lightroom

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Learn how to spend more time shooting and less time editing!

In this tutorial, we will guide you through the process of syncing your changes across multiple photos.

Get Started Here: Download the Sample Image

Start by Editing the First Photo in a Series.

In this example, we start by editing the first photo in a series of multiple images taken during the same photo shoot.

Lightroom is great for making global adjustments like white balance, vibrance, exposure, and clarity.

In this case, we also turn on lens correction to correct chromatic aberration, vignetting, and distortion.

How to Sync Setting to Multiple Photos in Lightroom

Start by going back into the library module and pressing G for “Grid View.” Here you will be able to see the image you changed, and all the other images in the series.

First, click on the image you edited, then press CTRL or CMD and click on all the other images in the series.

Quick Tip: The First Image You Click Will Have a Lighter Border Than the Surrounding Images.

After selecting all the images in a series, navigate to the right-hand column in the Library Module and go to Sync Settings.

Choose the items you want to sync across all the selected photos. In this case, we deselect the “Crop” function so we can manually crop each image in the series.

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