Lightroom Essentials: Exporting & Protecting Your Photos 6 Videos (1:01h)
  • 01 - Introduction
  • 02 - The Export Dialog & Examples
  • 03 - Presets & Smart Collections
  • 04 - Protecting Your Photos With Watermarks
  • 05 - Protecting Your Photos With Metadata
  • 06 - Backing Up Your Lightroom Catalog

Lightroom Essentials: Exporting & Protecting Your Photos


After investing countless hours into your edits, it’s time to deliver images to your clients, to the web, or to social media. In this tutorial, we’ll walk you through the entire export process in Lightroom covering how to name, organize, size, and protect your work. We’ll also cover how to create and add watermarks to your photos and how to backup your Lightroom catalogs.

What’s Included

213 Sample Images   |   6 Video Tutorials
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Learn Our Workflow

The faster you can get your images ready and exported, the more time you’ll have to tackle your next creative endeavor. Through tips, tricks, and best practices, we’ll help you get your images exported accurately, efficiently, and organized in a way that will make finding them a breeze.

Export & Deliver

Once you’ve nailed your edits, it’s time to export them for the world to see. We’ll show you tips for exporting in multiple sizes and formats, so that you can deliver your images to a client, display them on the web, or share with followers on social media.

File Structure & Organization

If you’re exporting images for the web, Instagram, and for clients, keeping track of all of the different sizes and versions of your photos can be tough. We’ll go over our workflow and process for organizing each exported image from creating an intuitive folder structure on your computer to establishing naming conventions so that there’s never any ambiguity.

Lightroom Essentials Coloring Styles and Presets Example 2 Sepia

Save Time With Presets

Save time by creating export presets in Lightroom. If you find yourself exporting images for the same platform regularly, create a preset of all of the settings you typically apply. This will allow you to export multiple photos with identical settings simultaneously.

Smart Collections

Once you’ve established a workflow for flagging your best images in Lightroom, Smart Collections will make finding and exporting your picks fast and easy. We’ll show you how to create Smart Collections and how to export them.

Add Watermarks

Watermarks are great for branding and protecting your photos. In this tutorial, we’ll make a watermark in Photoshop and show you how to apply to images as you export them from Lightroom.

Lightrooom Essentials Coloring Styles and Presets


As creative professionals, it’s important to protect your work from those that might try and claim it is their own. Fortunately, Lightroom has a number of tools to embed your information into images that you export. We’ll show you how to add metadata to ensure that you get the credit that you deserve.


It’s painful to lose one photo. It can be catastrophic to lose dozens of hours of editing and hard work. Backup your Lightroom catalogs and be confident that the work you do will be around for as long as you need it to.


  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Me encantan la forma de explicar los tutoriales. Es fácil Estoy aprendiendo mucho. Y eso que no se inglés. Jijijiji —————————————————- I love how to explain the tutorials. It is easy I’m learning a lot. And that I do not know English.. jijijiji (I’m sorry this is written in google translator)

    PHLEARN Staff
  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Love this since I am finally getting my photos out to clients this was very helpful. Will be watching more videos on Lightroom and of course Photoshop. Thank you for making this section of LR easy to learn with all the major points I need. Now off to create Presets.

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    More great tips even for LR long term users. Regarding meta data protecting picture files. If some one steals a picture I don’t see why they couldn’t erase the copyright information by taking it into LR, delete the copyright info and replace it with their info. 😔 Don’t want to give anyone an idea but….


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