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  • Make accurate light glows using custom gradients.

  • by Aaron Nace
    January 31, 2013
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Light Falloff

In this episode we discuss something that sounds extremely boring but is actually quite interesting: Light Falloff. A lot of people know that light decreases in intensity as it travels further from a Light source, but at the same time it increases in Saturation and changes Hue.

This is important because when you are enhancing the Light that falls on your images, you have to take these properties into account or you will wind up with something that doesn’t look accurate.

I wasn’t born with this knowledge, I had to learn it somewhere. To learn more about how light works with photography, check out Light Science and Magic.

Working with Gradients

To make these Transitions easier we show you how to build a custom Radial Gradient in Photoshop and use that to control how light falls. We also cover creating a special gradient that is perfect for creating a Layer Mask for ultimate control of your Light source.

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