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  • Testing the New Content Aware Fill in Photoshop 2020

  • by Aaron Nace
    November 25, 2019
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Download Sample Images

Click the link below to download the sample images and follow along with this tutorial.

Tutorial Description

Learn about the new Content-Aware Fill options in Photoshop CC 2020! Follow along as we put Adobe’s smart tool to the test against an image that needs some simple object removal, and an image requiring more complex removal. How will Content-Aware hold up? Watch to find out!

Smart tools are great, but when you need the professional touch, try using the tools and techniques we teach in How to Remove Anything in Photoshop!

Content Aware Dialog

Content Aware is great when you have a large area in an image full of objects you want to remove. Nothing feels better than selecting a large portion of a photo, and having Photoshop fill it in automatically while removing pesky distractions. But smart tools like Content-Aware have always been hit-or-miss. Photoshop 2020 has introduced a brand new dialog box for Content Aware Fill, providing increased flexibility and control!

To use the new Content-Aware Fill options, choose a selection tool and use it to select the area around everything you want to remove in a photo. With the selection active, go to the Edit menu, and select Content-Aware Fill. The new Content-Aware Fill dialog will open, which will give you the ability to fine-tune the automated removal process.

Advanced Removal

Like with the other smart tools included in Photoshop 2020, we found that the new Content Aware options improve upon the old technology , but the tool still struggles with more complex images.

For more complicated removal, we recommend breaking it up into smaller sections, and stacking each step of the removal on a new Layer. And when in doubt, don’t forget to try more manual tools like the Clone Stamp Tool, Spot-Healing Brush, or Healing Brush to take care of problem areas.

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