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  • How to Place a Logo Behind a Person in Photoshop

  • by Aaron Nace
    August 18, 2016
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Tutorial Description

Be creative with your Logo placement! This tutorial will teach you how to put your Logo behind a person like a pro.

How to Extend the Image

First, choose the Crop Tool and check Content-Aware Crop in the top toolbar. Then, simply drag a crop edge outward, and the Content-Aware Crop will automatically fill in the empty space with more Background. This works best with beach Landscapes.

Alternatively, use the Crop Tool and drag a crop edge outward. Using the regular Content-Aware Tool, make a selection around the Transparent area, including some of the background. Go to ‘Edit – Fill” and the Content-Aware option will fill the gap the same way. Make sure ‘Color Adaptation’ is checked for the best results.

How to Cut the Subject Out

If the subject is on a simple Background, the Magic Wand Tool is a quick and easy way to make a selection. Simply click on your Background, and hold ’SHIFT’ as you click on the areas you want to cut out to include them in your selection.

Next, load your selection as a Layer Mask by clicking on the Layer Mask icon, then unlink the Layer and Layer Mask. This way, you can move the Logo anywhere you want, and it will only show up behind the subject.

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