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  • How to Remove Distracting Logos in Photoshop

  • by Aaron Nace
    April 13, 2017
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Tutorial Description

Have a great photo but it’s being ruined by a clunky or trademarked logo?

Get it out of here! Using the Spot Healing Brush and a few simple techniques that logo will be long gone in no time.

How to Remove Logos and Branding in Photoshop

Logos and branding can be a distracting element in photos. Also, clients may want logos removed in their images before publishing.

Stock Image websites won’t accept images with logos in them, forcing you to remove logos in photos.

Learn how to remove logos and branding in this episode!

How to Remove Logos (Simple)

If the logo you want to remove is surrounded by a simple background, the best tool for the job is the Spot Healing Brush Tool.

In this example we remove the branding on the truck by created a new layer, selecting the Spot Healing Brush Tool, checking the “Sample all Layers” box on the top of the screen and painting over the logo.

If you find that the edges need a bit of cleanup, this is where the Clone Stamp Tool comes in. Create a new layer, select the Clone Stamp Tool and check “Sample All Layers” or “Sample Current and Below”. Next, open the “Clone Source” window by going to “Window-Clone Source” and be sure to check “Show Overlay” to see a preview of the Clone Stamp Area.

Hold ALT/OPTN + CLICK on the area you want to sample. Then paint over the area you would like to cover. Be sure to line up edges via the preview before painting.

How to Remove Logos (Advanced)

If you want to remove a logo that is placed on a more complex area of your image, be sure to create a selection first.

In this example, both the bottom and the left edge of the truck need to be maintained while removing the logo.

Start by selecting the Polygonal Lasso Tool and create a selection around the edge of the logo. The edge of the selection will be “Hard Edged” and needs to be softened if it is to blend into the rest of the image.

To soften the edge, go to “Select-Select and Mask.” If you are using an older version of Photoshop, this will be called “Refine Edge.”

Change the view settings so you can see the edge in comparison with the rest of the image. Adjust the “Feathering” until the edge of the selection matches the edge of the photo.

After making the selection, you are ready to remove the logo. In this example, we use the brush tool and sample the color of the truck and simply paint over the logo. If this logo is on a more complex background, consider using the Clone Stamp Tool.

In this example, the logo is so close to a surface that it must be removed in two steps. After removing the main area, there is some logo that remains visible outside of the selection.

Inverse the selection by going to “Select-Inverse” or pressing “CTRL/CMD + I.”

After inversing the selection, use the same technique to paint outside of the selection to remove the rest of the logo and maintain a straight edge.

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