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Behind the Scenes Lens Flare: Indoor Sunset

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May 22

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Bare Bulb + Shot Into Camera = Lens Flare Goodness

A crucial part of what gives this image mood is the lens flare on the left side. Lens flares can be a great way of adding pizzazz to an image, but only when used correctly. Always try creating them in camera, because that will always look better than using the lens flares the come with Photoshop.

SO, how do you get a lens flare to appear in an image on purpose? Shooting with a light source in frame is a great way to do this. By positioning our bare bulb strobe within the frame, it creates a gorgeous glow across the entire left side of the image. You can easily make tweaks to the flare by changing your camera angle and where the light is positioned.

For our main light we used a gridded beauty dish nice and close to our model. This was ungelled, so the light on Avery’s face is cooler than the light from the background. We wanted some fill on the other side of her, so we placed a reflector on the other side of here to bounce some of the light back from the beauty dish.

Stay tuned tomorrow for an episode on the post production that went into this photograph!

Lighting Diagram

Final Image

  • Jason

    Love it

  • claude laramee

    The added noise on the final image works just perfect ! Love the “film days” look !

  • Christophe B

    The video don’t go more than 1mn, it’s too bad :’(

  • Tor Ivan Boine

    +1. where´s that button? ;)

  • Danny ‘Sambuca’ Ackerley

    Very simple and very effective

  • Alik Griffin

    lol. Yep, Aaron needs to let us give some google+ love. It’s such a huge community of photographers.

  • Al Jowder

    Great Photo. Do you have the post production episode for this one?

  • Will Bremridge-willbphoto

    Hi Danny!

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