• Creating a Backlit Portrait pt.2

  • by Aaron Nace
    May 23, 2013
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Color Toning in Photoshop With The Wonders of Color Blurs

After adding Adjustment Layers to our photographer to pump up the blues and yellows, we can further intensify this image by adding Color Blurs. While they don’t look like anything special individually, they can be applied over top of images with blending modes to create beautiful flares and effects. Check out Phlearn’s library of Color Blurs here!

The Right Way To Add Grain

One thing to always keep in mind when adding Grain to an image is to make sure you’ve already resized it. If we add Grain to a 5000px wide image before resizing it down to 730px, all of the Texture will be lost. Fixing this problem is simple – resize your image before adding grain or other similar Textures!

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