Mar 31, 2014

How To Correct Skin Tone and Stylize Your Photo

Correcting Skin Tones

Getting your white balance exactly right can be tricky. If you are on the cool side your subjects will look a bit too blue making them look a bit lifeless. We show you a quick method using Color Balance to correct skin tones and get a nice base for further editing.

Coloring Shadows

If you do want your image to to have cool tones it is a good idea to keep those tones to the shadows of the image, that way your skin tones continue to look natural. In this Photoshop tutorial we show you how to colorize using the Hue/Saturation adjustment layer and then restrict those colors to the shadows using Blend If.

Adding Light Effects

When you are photographing into the Sun you have some great opportunities to add lighting effects in Photoshop. From a huge lens flare to a subtle color grade the options are endless and each photo will require a different effect.

In this image we use the gradient tool to create a glow on the left side of the image. After bringing in the base color we use Curves to add a bit of warmth to the lens flare.


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  • Frank Jennings

    Hi Aaron, thanks for this video, hope to see more, I watch you and watch you and still I manage to get layers messed up lol but slowly I am improving and learning from your videos and from my mistakes yay, is there a tutorial regarding the presets on your Wacom pen which you use please, I just bought one and wanted to know which options do you use to register to your pen cheers hope this makes sense :)

  • mltenzer

    Aaron this video on color correction is terrific. I hope that you produce more videos on correcting skin color. Getting realistic skin coloration can be extremely difficult.

  • Sami Lensu

    Man, you are doing such a good work! You really make photoshop fun! I’m gonna turn into photoshop wizard thanks to you! Keep it going!

  • Beatrice

    Gorgeous, simple technique Aaron! I am going to try that blend layer option. I would love to see some tips on skin tone (and stylizing) for *dark-skin subjects*. I often edit and re-edit, going back and forth between pulling out the reds/orange (sometimes too much).

  • kim

    This was fantastic Aaron! Thank you! I would love to know how to edit pictures like Elena Shumilova. It almost looks like a painting

      • Hernan

        I second the Elena Shumilova style editing tutorial. PLEASE!!!!!

        Thanks and I love you guys!

  • Romas

    Unique tip, not sure if you know it already, probably do, but if you hold alt and click on the layer’s eyeball it’ll hide all layers except that one. It’s a handy and quick trick I use to show before and afters.

    • Phlearn

      No problem David :) Thanks for the kind words. Do you have any suggestions for what you would like to see in future tutorials?

  • Chris N.

    Aaron, you’re the man.. Can’t thank you enough, Post is something Im trying to master and this tutorial, especially the blues in the shadows, was really something I’ve been trying to achive. Fan of the Nace-tion!

    • Phlearn

      Awesome! Glad to hear you are enjoying our tutorials. Do you have any suggestions for what you would like to see in future tutorials?

      • Chris N.

        If anything than maybe more of color grading. Theres always different kind of pics that could use different kind of color grading. But overall, I’m really happy I’ve found you man, haha.