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Aaron Nace brings years of Photoshop experience together with unique retouching methods and critical attention to detail.
You’ll be left wondering how you’ve edited any other way.

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Real, Professional Retouching

We cover all the bases. With special, concentrated sections pertaining to the eyes, nose, lips, teeth, and skin, you can learn each thoroughly and follow along as we combine techniques.

Suggested Gear

Retouching is a lot like painting, and a good painter needs the proper brushes. When working in Photoshop, your best “paintbrush” is a pressure sensitive tablet like the Wacom Intuos PRO. These tablets allow you to work more naturally than a mouse does, and the built-in pressure sensitivity allows for more control and precision.

Wacom Intuos Tablet

An artist needs the right tools for the job, and when it comes to retouching, there is no better tool than a Wacom Intuos Tablet. Check out our video showing how we use our tablet in Photoshop.

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Free Episodes

These hand-picked episodes are a perfect compliment to your PRO Photoshop Tutorial. Learn the difference between brush flow and opacity, how to use the Clone Stamp and Pen Tool, and even how to setup your Wacom Tablet.

Retouching Made Phun

There are many approaches to retouching photos. Some people prefer to spend hours removing every flaw, we prefer a a different approach to retouching. We teach you the quickest and seemingly effortless ways to get the job done.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Lightroom 101 & 201 Bundle

Why retouch?

Actors, celebrities, politicians and the general public have come to expect retouched photos. Everyone wants to look their best, and retouching helps them get there. People expect their images to be retouched, and if you can make your clients look great, they will keep coming back.

Lightroom 101 & 201 Bundle

Do I need a tablet to retouch?

Short answer — no, but if you are serious about retouching, it is time to look into a Wacom Tablet. A pressure sensitive tablet gives you control over your tools in Photoshop. Adjust opacity, flow, pressure, and size.

Lightroom 101 & 201 Bundle

What is frequency separation?

Frequency separation is a retouching technique at places skin texture on one layer and skin color on another. It allows you to smooth skin while maintaining skin texture.

Lightroom 101 & 201 Bundle

When should I retouch?

Most photos will benefit from retouching. You don’t have to spend hours getting every image right, a little can go a long way. Learn techniques that can be used alone or combined for more effect.