Retouching 301 10 Videos (12:01h)
  • 01 - Introduction: Color Correction & Color Toning
    Tools and advice for color correcting and color toning skin in Photoshop.
  • 02 - Retouching Child Portraits
    Using Photoshop and Adobe Camera RAW, Aaron discusses the process of retouching portraits of children, from reducing skin redness, to brightening shadows, and adding vignette.
  • 03 - Retouch Clothing
    Aaron completes a full clothing retouch using a variety of tools to remove wrinkles, even out edges, and remove blemishes.
  • 04 - Color Tone Portraits
    Aaron uses a variety of adjustment layers like Levels, Hue/Saturation, and Solid Color Fill to apply stylistic color toning to a portrait.
  • 05 - Makeup Techniques
    Learn professional makeup applications and techniques, all done using Photoshop. Retouch eyes, eyelashes, eyebrows, lips, and more.
  • 06 - Matching Skin Tone
    It's common that different body parts will have slightly different skin tones. Learn how to match skin tones from any body part in Photoshop.
  • 07 - The Face Aware Liquify Tool
    Learn how to use the Face Aware Liquify Tool to reshape a subject's hair without affecting areas that you want to avoid reshaping, like facial features.
  • 08 - Retouch and Shape Hair
    Using the Brush Tool, Healing Brush Tool, and Clone Stamp Tool, learn how to retouch and shape a hairline in a professional portrait.
  • 09 - Conceptual Portrait (Exercise 1)
    Let's get creative in our first complete retouch. Aaron walks you through every step in his workflow from start to finish, from the planning phase, to frequency separation, to creative coloring.
  • 10 - Portfolio Headshot (Exercise 2)
    Retouch a portrait from start to finish. Learn how to plan an edit, remove blemishes, dodge and burn, retouch clothing and backgrounds color tone, and apply sharpening.
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Retouching 301

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Welcome to part three of our best-selling series Retouching 101-301. Combine all the retouching techniques you learned in 101 & 201 to become a master retoucher.

What’s Included

12 Sample Images   |   10 Video Tutorials
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How to Properly Work with Color

Retouching 301 begins with a discussion on color. What is proper skin tone and how can you make sure your images aren’t too red or too green? We teach you how to use the included Skin Tone Chart to analyze and correct skin tone. Learn workflow tips and tricks to achieve better color in your portraits!

Included Skin Tone Chart & Color Swatches

Skin tone can be tough to perfect, a little too much red or green and skin starts to look weird. The included Skin Tone Chart & Swatches provide you with a quick-reference guide on proper skin tone. Compare highlights, mid-tones, and shadows to achieve proper color.


Children don’t tend to have many of the skin blemishes that adults do—acne and wrinkles haven’t had time to leave their mark. When retouching children, it is mostly about correcting light and color. We show you how to use Lightroom and Photoshop to add style and focus to children’s portraits.

Perfect Hair Retouching

Learn how to keep hair under control by following along with the entire retouching process. Create individual strands of hair using special Photoshop Brushes and remove hair from unwanted areas.

Color-Tone Portraits

Portraits can be retouched in several ways. You can focus on realism, or you can go for style. The easiest and most effective way to add style to a portrait is through color-tone. We show you how to add color to highlights, mid-tones, and shadows separately for more impact. Learn how to use Gradient Maps to color-tone and how to load color-toning presets.

Add “Digital Makeup” in Photoshop

Having a world-class makeup artist on every shoot would be nice, but that is not always the cast. Learn to use the same principles a makeup artist uses to add and enhance makeup in Photoshop. We show you how to analyze photos of makeup and all the tools required to apply it digitally.

Face-Aware Liquify

New to Photoshop CC 2015, Face-Aware Liquify gives you the ability to transform and enhance facial features to an incredible degree. Make changes to eye height, size, width, tilt and distance using simple sliders. The tool also includes enhanced control over the nose, mouth, forehead, chin and face shape.

Retouching Clothing

A great portrait will only go so-far if the person is wearing wrinkled, stained, or misfitting clothing. Learn tips-and-tricks for transforming clothing into a thing of beauty. Re-create collars, sleeves, colors and weaves in the lesson dedicated to retouching clothes.

Two Full-Length Exercises

Combine everything you learn from sections 1-8 to retouch two portraits from start to finish. Where do I start? How do different techniques tie together? What don’t I know? Follow along the entire retouching process from Camera RAW to Exporting the Final Photos.

16-Bit RAW Files Included

With 26 straight-out-of-camera RAW images included, you’ll be able to retouch in 16-bit for the full experience. The capabilty of this collection makes nothing impossible.

Do I need a tablet to retouch?

Short answer – no, but there is nothing like having the best tool for the job. The micro-adjustments that the Wacom Tablet make possible are unparalleled. Pressure sensitivity gives you optimum control over all of your Photoshop tools; opacity, flow, and size.


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