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How to Stylize a Black and White Portrait in Photoshop

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Dec 04

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Making an Image Black and White

There are many ways to make an image black and white in Photoshop. In most cases you will be best off using the “Black and White” adjustment layer. It comes loaded with a few different presets for you to choose from as well as the ability to add tint.
This is a great place to work with the included sliders, changing the appearance of your image to suit your preferences.

Using Field Blur

In this tutorial we show you how to use Field Blur to add more depth to your images as well as draw more attention to your subject’s face. It is relatively easy to use and can have a huge impact on your images.


You will learn a great technique for adding detail and sharpness to your images using a combination of high pass filter and “blend if”.

  • stacyjphoto

    I made mine a bit softer but here it is.

  • Doede

    Hey Aaron, thanks for this one. I don’t do much sharpening, and this tutorial with high-pass sharpening and blurring was refreshing. Keep it coming back every now & then. All the best from the Netherlands.

  • Mark Nuttall

    Hey Aaron. You mention near the start of this video that you’re going to come back to discuss how to remove the banding in the background, but you don’t! This is an issue I often get when editing so it’d be really useful to hear your tips on that :-) Cheers, and keep up the awesomeness, Mark.

  • Amanda Schulz

    Here is a black and white that I tried out. It isn’t quite as sharp. I also used Aaron’s lessons in colours to adjust the blue and make my freckles come out like crazy! I took it with my Rebel T4i and a 50 mm lens. I used 2 ikea lamps to light it.

  • Leah Manzari

    I have the same question!

  • Ovi Gherman

    you should focus on the eyes

  • Handy Andy Pandy

    Great shot!

  • stacyjphoto

    Thank you!

  • 256studio

    I used a similar process with this photo. I love contrasty images when shooting B&W. I just caught the sun in the angle in the lens to give me that killer lens flare. I hope that you enjoy what I have created here. -Scot

  • 256studio

    Here the image.

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