Feb 21, 2014

Creating A Black and White Image In Photoshop pt2

Taking Your Black and White to the Next Level

In today’s episode you will learn how to use Curves to take control of your Black and White. We use show you how to analyze your Histogram and use input and output Channels to dial in your Light and dark Levels.

After fine tuning the image with Curves, we use Channels to select lighter areas of the photo and fill them with white to bring extra attention their way.

We finish the image off by creating a Light leak type effect and transforming it onto our subject.

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    Justine Tjallinks

    Nice! Thank you! By the way… aaron, you look gooood in that black and white video πŸ˜‰

  • user image

    When you go on to create the light leak using gradient tool, you end up with ugly banding. How do you avoid that? I often struggle with that. Great episode as always!

    • user image
      Daniel Ott

      Yeah I get the banding too and have never found a way to stop it happening, hope some genius comes back with an awesome solution! πŸ™‚

      • user image
        Kevin Medlin

        You may want to make sure that you’re editing a 16bit image, and not 8bit. You’ll typically see more banding in 8 bit. (I hope that’s helpful).

        • user image
          Daniel Ott

          Thanks for that Kevin, also after watching one of the Pro Tutorials Aaron mentioned exactly this problem. He said that with all the layers that we’re creating often it’s a lot for poor old photoshop to handle, so by merging all the layers onto a new layer (Command-Shift-Option-E) It should show how your final image will finally look minus any banding issues – and it worked for me. Also when you come to export/save your image it’ll also sort out the banding issue too! πŸ™‚

  • user image
    Jayaraman Pillai

    i have been watching you in many episodes.. and found you a little tensed or strained in this one.. hope everything is alright..!!! You are a true master and the value you add to people like me in understanding and even perfecting such a complex program like photoshop into easy understandable episodes is just awesome..!!!

  • user image
    Peter Guy

    Hello Aaron

    Been watching your videos for a couple of weeks now and really learning a lot from you, thanks. B/W is something I have been trying to improve and this tutorial has highlighted a lot of new options. Great videos, great fun, great style. Thank you.