Nov 15, 2013

Editorial Headshot Retouching, Part 1 of 3

The Phorbes Cover Shoot – Post Processing

You saw the behind the scenes of our corporate/editorial photo shoot, now we take one of the images into Photoshop to start the retouching. The retouching is being split into 3 parts, be sure to check back to see the entire retouching process.

To start the retouching, we:

  • Clone Stamp – Clone stamping out minor blemishes works well, especially when you don’t want the blending of a healing brush.
  • Pen Tool – In this episode we use the pen tool to make a selection used to line Asa’s hair.
  • Custom Brush – We create a custom brush to retouch skin while giving it texture.


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    Jacob Alexander

    Where is the setting that allows the color you choose with the color picker to overwrite the primary color instead of the secondary one? Is it just an extra key you hold along with the alt button?

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    Thanks for sharing this tutorial, Aaron! Two quick questions: 1) What focus mode was the camera on? 2) I’ve been looking for a grey background from Savage, is that what you used? If so, do you recall what shade of grey? I’m wondering if a middle tone grey would be most versatile. Thanks so much, I really appreciate it!

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    Joey Joiner

    Love your videos, Aaron. I could watch them all day. Thx for taking the time to always reach out to us. Oh and I really enjoyed the Phlearn Pro about Beauty Retouching. Worth every penny. Have a good one! Joey Joiner

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    Just a silly question, why is the face looking right and placed on the right third? Otherwise you are a very gifted photoshop guru 🙂

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    Sean Tucker

    Really loving this series. Great job Aaron. Thanks for being so consistently generous in sharing what you know.

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    Paul S Marshall

    just wonderd why you use curves for color correction aaron ?.. when there is color balence in adjustments?.. just intrested old bean.

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    Could you please upload your scatter brush in this tutorial I just can’t make it !?

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    Friedemann Budich

    Could you please upload your scatter brush in this tutorial ? I just can’t make it !

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    Seagram Pearce

    @aknacer:disqus duuuude. Great tutorial. I’m busy working on an image right now & I need that custom brush so badly! Any chance for a link?

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    A lot of people have asked for the custom brush you created. Yes, the tutorial explains how to do it, but that aspect of the video is quite lengthy. And you DID say you’d share the brush. I’d love to have it myself. Perfectly capable of creating one by following along, but it’s a huge time sponge that I’d rather use for more creative purposes. 🙂 GREAT video series. Thanks for sharing!

  • user image

    Excellent tutorial, it is possible to upload the scatter brush, please. Thank You

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    Will V

    I’ll add myself to the list of people asking for the brush 🙂

    I’ll be trying your lighting setup tomorrow. Love the feel of the images even before the editing/retouch!