• How To Fix Common Sunset Problems In Photoshop

  • by Aaron Nace
    June 17, 2013
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Tutorial Description

Shooting in during sunset or sunrise can pose particular problems regarding Color.

But, there are two ways to help fix this in camera. One is to make sure your white balance isn’t set to auto – you’ll lose the warm tones and get a blueish image. Not very fitting for a sunset. Another way to improve your Color is to gel your strobes, if you’re using them. Most strobes are daylight balanced, but this can be thrown off when the sun is closer to the horizon and creating a warmer Light. By adding an orange gel to your light, you’ll solve any problems of mismatched Light temperature.

Warming Up A Sunset In Photoshop

Thankfully we have Photoshop to Color Correct images as well. By using a combination of many Curves Adjustment Layers, we can add realistic Colors to our photo while also bringing in more detail to certain parts of the image. This creates a final image that looks like it was actually taken during sunset hours.

Photo taken by Scott Eide. Want to see your image edited on Phlearn? Enter our latest contest!

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