Nov 29, 2013

Gap Inspired Fashion Shoot – Retouching Part 2

Commercial Retail Fashion – Post Processing

You saw the behind the scenes of our Gap inspired fashion shoot and part 1 of the post processing. Now we put the finishing touches on the image.

Working With Color

In this image we wanted to make the colors a bit brighter as well as match the feel of GAP. We use blue to reflect the logo as well as the jeans that Berkley is wearing.

When cooling down an image it is important to keep skin tones in mind. Sometimes you will need to cool down the skin tones as well to make everything fit together but be sure to keep some of the original color.

Final Image.


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    Hi Aaron (&Co.) – awesomely cool tutorial (as you would say) 🙂 I really need a transcript to follow this – but after the ‘nth’ viewing I think I’ve just about got it…
    My question is really basic. Using my own images – model against plain white background – and using the same selection process as you did (even copied your magic wand settings) I find I have noticeable selection “halos” for want of a better term. Am I doing something wrong ? Just unlucky ? After watching this I wasn’t expecting to have to refine the edges of all my selections – ¿ help ?