Mar 29, 2016

How to Get a Tan in Photoshop

How to Get a Tan in Photoshop

Are those winter months taking a toll on your complexion? Learn how to transform pale skin into beautiful bronze in Photoshop!

Color Highlights and Shadows Separately

The real key to changing skin tone is to focus on the highlights and shadows separately. Some effects will look great over the highlights, but will be too strong on the shadows.

Learn how to use the ‘Blend if’ sliders to adjust layer visibility based on highlight and shadow.

Fine Tune Color

After coloring skin it is important to make fine adjustments to get it right. Use a ‘Selective Color’ adjustment layer and choose ‘Reds’ from the drop-down list. Using the sliders, fine tune the amount of cyan, magenta, yellow and black.


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    This looks cool for the skin but you also affected everything else in the photo (hair, lips, eyes, etc.) and altered those colors. I think you would need to layer mask that out to make it look perfect.
    Very cool tutorial though!

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    Wouter J. van Duin

    A quick reaction for now only based on the before/after images and not about the tutorial/video (I almost always like those a lot, both because of their origine/subject and because of the way presented) ……

    what strikes me in the before and after images here is a nice and believeble tan as skin color …… but a somewhat unrealistic darkening of the hair as a side-effect ….. hair color should however be lighter instead of darker ….. as a result of the same origine that really causes the tan ….. hair color due to sun tends to lighten a bit ….. not darken …..

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    A.G. Shaw

    This tutorial was awesome. I knew I needed some added zip and the tan effect came through nicely!

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    Juraporn Mars

    i start learn Photoshop from web site you. I have learned a lot and funny for learned . Thank you so much for team PHLEARN