Mar 31, 2015

How to Create an iOS 8 Icon in Photoshop

How often do you use the rounded rectangle tool?  Almost never right?  In today’s episode, the rounded rectangle tool comes in handy as we create our icon.  The rounded rectangle tool helps us create are shape and there are enough options available for us to be really specific.

Sampling Colors

Next we sample colors from the actual iOS 8 app and use a gradient to color our rounded rectangle.

Logo and Finishing Touches

Next we place our logo right in the center of our shape using some alignment tools.  And to finish it all off we add a drop shadow, turn the background transparent, and save it out as a png file.



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    Trevor Coultart

    Why did you put the gradient on a new layer and clip it? Would it not have worked to just us your gradient as a fill for the rounded rectangle itself? Seems to be an extra step.

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      Eitan W

      I think they say this in other tutorials, but I believe they want to make it so that if you need to readjust one area, you can easily do so without creating a chain reaction to the other layers. Having an extra layer helps do this, and plus for tutorial sake, it helps teach clipping masks.

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    hey phlearn can u teach us how to make some minimalistic high detal material design icons for andriod……

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    Jerrin James

    can u show how t create an awesome logo
    i have attached one in this comment that i made recently

    i would suggest to put up a tutorial for creating minimalistic high detail icons for andriod

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    Dear Sir,

    Nice tutorial can you have any other direct option for colorizen of shap. so pl tell us.