Apr 28, 2015

How to Make a Panorama in Lightroom

In today’s episode, we show you how to make a panorama in Lightroom.  Adobe just recently announced it’s update to the software and one of the main attractions was it’s ability to create Panoramas while in Lightroom.  If you already have the creative cloud subscription, just go to your Creative Cloud icon in the top right hand corner and click update on your Lightroom program.

So what is a Panorama?

A Panorama is when you put multiple photos together to create one wide (Panoramic) view.  Panoramas are very commonly used in landscape photography.  A few years ago, there wasn’t much software that would allow you to do Panoramas besides Photoshop and other smaller programs.  That has all changed in the past couple years.  Now even an iPhone can take a Panorama photograph.

Panoramas in Lightroom

Now you’ll be able to create a Panorama in Lightroom!  This means you’ll be able to take high quality images from your camera and edit them into one high quality image in Lightroom.  Today we’ll show you how to import the images into Lightroom.  Then we’ll go over how to merge the photos using the Panorama option.  Lightroom will then take a second to auto-project your selection.  You are given different options for your Panorama.  After choosing between Spherical, Cylindrical and Perspective, you can click on auto-crop and you’re good to go.  Now the file is a .dng which enables you to edit it right there in Lightroom.


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    George Sanders

    Shared this video with my Photo club. Some members use that soft ware

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    Thanks Aaron. This was the first new feature with which I played upon getting the upgrade. I made a landscape pano with 13 images. I was happy with the output but the file, as you mentioned, was HUGE – beyond anything I’ve dealt with.

    I’m wondering if you (or anyone out there) have any advice or procedures for exporting out to a manageable size. Even when I used “Export for Web” and chose JPEG lowest res it was still nearly 50 MB.

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    Jared Gregg

    Looking at your milky way shots made me think of a great subject for another tutorial. I take star photos (both trails and stills) often and have some difficulty bringing out the detail in those shots. Maybe a tutorial on retouching astronomy shots is in order? Thanks for another great video!