Dec 04, 2015

How to Place Art on a Wall in Photoshop

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Are you looking to get some photos up in your home or office, but don’t know where to start? Learn how to take the first step and place art on your walls in Photoshop, so that you can visualize the final product!

Start with a photo of the space you plan to decorate, as well as digital files of the photos you’re going to print.

Once your black wall image is opened in Photoshop, go to File – Scripts – Load Files into Stack. This allows you to select all of your digital photos and load them directly into the same document, as opposed to opening each image individually.

After those photos have loaded, you can begin placing them and playing around with layouts that you like. Uncheck “Auto-Select” at the top left toolbar, and then hold down Ctrl/Cmd to click and drag individual layers.

Possibly the most important part of placing images on walls is getting them into the proper perspective! When you reach a good stopping point and like your layout, select all of the layers and hold Ctrl/Cmd + T. Then, simply hold Ctrl/Cmd and drag the corners of the transform box. Match the angles of the transform box to the angles of the wall edges, and your photos will be perfectly in perspective.




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  • user image

    First of all this shot is crying for some lens correction in Ligthroom before you do anything.
    Then you are covering your wall sockets with your images, that’s not so realistic IMO.
    Sorry but I thinks this is one of your lesser tutorials I have seen over the years.

  • mdwine55

    So, you say you’re ready to order prints, but how do you know what size to order each print according to this tut? I get the arranging part, but how do you determine what size each print should be? If you can show me that, I can save money, AND make more money in my business!! (versus that “popular” software)

  • user image

    Great video, as usual. I really enjoy your teaching style & humor. Question: As others have asked: How do you easily figure out the print size needed for each? Thank you. Please keep up the good work.

  • user image

    Dear Aaron,
    interesting.. I tried the same thing but not with prints, I wanted to put up a photograph. It actually worked in principle. What I am missing is, how do you add a mirroring effect so that it looks like the photo or print is behind a glass plate? I took a photo of the wall opposite and superimposed on the frame area .. but it doesnt look realistic, it just doesnt look like glass.

    Thanks for all the effort you put in. I enjoy all your tutorials and hope you will keep them up.