Jun 02, 2016

How to Use Content-Aware Scale in Photoshop

How to Use Content Aware Scale in Photoshop

Need more room in your photo? In this episode, we show you how to extend a photo using Content-Aware Scale.

Regular Scale vs. Content Aware Scale

To apply a regular Scale to an image, go to ‘Edit – TransformScale’ and Stretch the image. This will stretch every pixel of the photo, including details like people.

The Content-Aware Scale Tool will Stretch areas with less detail first, leaving more detailed areas untouched. In this example, we use the Content-Aware Scale Tool to stretch the Background, while leaving the subject in place. To apply a Content Aware Scale, select an area of the photo then go to ‘Edit – Content Aware Scale’.

How to Use Warp in Photoshop

To create more room for type in this image, we use the Warp Tool to move the clouds. To use the warp Tool, start by creating a selection around the area to be stretched. Make sure to select more than needed, allowing more flexibility with the Warp Tool.

After making a selection, go to ‘Edit – TransformWarp’. Next, click and drag your image to apply the Warp.

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    Thanks for this! Wasn’t initially happy when I took this photo because the river was too wide but what an easy fix!

    Photoshop Tutorials: How to Use Content-Aware Scale in Photoshop

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    joe capp

    thank you for all the tutorials. I watch them all and understand and implement most! 😉
    my question for you is in regard to printing these “new” images for use in catalogs and such.
    All my printers request a minimum resolution of 300 dpi for the print pages I submit. When stretching small parts of images out (you basically doubled that part of the beach, does the image then come in with a reduced resolution that then hurts the “up-conversion” to the final 300 dpi printed version? does this even make sense? haha. thanks again for the fantastic tutorials!

  • Robert Hamdy

    Dear Aaron,
    I really appreciate your video’s. You are actually in my living room so much, my wife is beginning to think you’ve moved-in 🙂 I really enjoy watching and I’ve learned tons from you. If I can get you a drink or a sammich or something, just holler. Rob

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    Thank You sooo much. That was really neat and I had no idea I could do that in Photoshop.

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    Mario Mifsud

    Excellent explanation with clear English. Thanks for your support towards to whom wants to learn

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    Awesome! This bit of knowledge changed what I did on a recent project and made a bid difference! Thanks!! I have learned so much from you, Aaron!

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    Thank you for all your great tutorials, I have, and continue to learn more about my CS6 all the time. Keep up your phun videos 😀

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    Andres Silva

    Hi Aaron!! Great tutorial as always. I’d like to thank you for all this amazing and very useful tutorials. They help me a lot!
    By the way, what camera you used for filming this? is amazing!
    keep going!
    Best Regards!

  • Jay

    Another great tutorial! I do appreciate your clarity and the simplicity you use in your demos.
    (Did you start shooting these with a new camera? Looks ultra clean. Another “Great” to you!)
    Please keep them coming…!

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    keith law

    only 3k to go to the big 1 mil viewers way to go Phlearn so many bloopers and so much great content. I have learned soo much Thank You. You are the best.

    Photoshop Tutorials: How to Use Content-Aware Scale in Photoshop

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    R L Fielding

    Another wonderful and intriguing video. I’d no idea about this warping tool. Thank you so much for sharing

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    Is this a photoshop CC tutorial? Because in CS5 extended the crop tool does not behave this way

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    Thank you again and again for your high quality tutorial. It is always amazing, clear and useful!

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    Anthony Hazlewood

    Thanks Aaron, another very useful tutorial – you are one of the best at it… Thanks

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    Wade Morgan

    Is there ANYTHING you DON’T know about Photoshop? you’re the best dude. Thanks for your free tutorials and i’m proud to say i have purchased some of the paid ones!!! Great job.

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    Aaron, really liked this tutorial. I love being able to come to a site and learn different things about Photoshop. PHLEARN is awesome. Yeah, you rock too Aaron. Seriously though, it is an awesome thing when you can come to a site, watch tutorials, buy Pro Tutorials for wayyyyy less than hiring a tutor. Aaron, thanks for making this such an awesome site. Thanks for the time you put in not just to make this a site where there is information on how to use Photoshop, but thanks for the time you take to make this a QUALITY, EXCELLENT, AWESOME site !!!

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    José Parcerisa V

    You are the best my friend……Any thing else has already been said.congratulations.

  • John

    At 2.01 minutes in to the video there are only two layers, the type and the image. Suddenly at 2.12 minutes in, there are three, the type, the image and a copy. When and why did this happen.

    • user image

      this content aware scale method doesnt seem to work for me anymore in photoshop cc 2017, anyone know of how to get it working. It literally won’t even be a selectable item from the drop down