A Conceptual Photographer’s Essentials

Felix Hernandez, also known as Dreamphography, is a designer and conceptual photographer from Mexico. When’s he not dreaming up his next creation, he’s bringing it to life through the use of scale models and creative photographing techniques. He’s here to tell us what’s in his bag.

Tell us how you go about deciding which gear is essential to your work.

FH: I look for gadgets, lights or lenses that allows me to approach in a more creative way in my projects. I’m not a gear / brand guy. I just think that the best gear is the one that helps you to get the work done and your wallet can buy.


Canon 5D MIII, is just the right fit for me at the studio. Enough resolution (21.5mp) / Full frame. I will upscale this year to the 5D M IV or the 5DS.


I have the Canon EF 24-105mm / Canon EF 50mm 1.4 / Canon EF 70 -200mm 2.8 / and the Canon EF 24mm TS (tilt & shift). Now I mostly use this lens because it allows me to get really close to the scale models, have them completely in frame (wide angle) and gives me great DoF and sharpen images. It’s also great for getting creative angles and correcting distortion. For the kind of photography I do it’s a great lens!


When shooting with studio flashes I use Bowens. If I have to freeze some action I go with my Einstein flashes due the short flash duration. But I also do a lot of light painting and for that I just use a regular LED flashlight that gives me great results. More often I’m mixing studio flashes with light painting…long exposure photography at the studio!


I use a Lowepro backpack. I have been using this bag for more than eight years. The same one! It has traveled with me all around the world. Sure it looks kind of dirty, but eight years!!! And it is in perfect shape. I think it will last for five years more without any problem. I just love it!

You can check out more of Felix’s work at his website, and make sure to check out our interview with him here.

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