PHLEARN MagazineHow a Scientist Turned Photographer Sees the World: Behind the Lens with Carlos Bracho

How a Scientist Turned Photographer Sees the World: Behind the Lens with Carlos Bracho

We seek some of the most talented photographers on the planet to ask them to share a bit about themselves and their creative process. Today we have the pleasure of learning more about Panama-based fine art photographer Carlos Bracho.

What’s the one quote that always fires you up?

CB: “Did you try it?”

I can’t tell you how many times just trying one thing can make the difference. It could be just asking someone, experimenting with something, or just having fun, but just trying something new can take you away on down the road.

Do you have any particular habits that are a part of how you begin your creative process?

CB: Sketching or writing seems to be part of the first steps of my process, but before that, I tend to imagine my ideas while doing other stuff. I’m a scientist, a biotechnologist to be more specific, and whenever I’m working inside the laboratory I have these thoughts and I tend to share them with a friend of mine, so she can remind me to write everything as soon as we go outside the lab. From that, I just ask friends if they have time (usually on weekends, very early in the morning), and we go out and shoot the ideas.

What do you do when you hit a wall during your creative process?

CB: As an over-thinker, I tend to analyze things very logically, and usually from those struggles, I come up with ideas using those walls as gunpowder for the next projects. Also, sharing those moments with a couple of friends also helps, since they are used to me talking about everything philosophically, they understand that this is more than just taking pictures; that I need to manage this side of my life and it’s just important to me.

What’s your favorite photo you’ve ever captured and why?

CB: Oh, that’s a hard one. Being honest, I think I don’t have any favorite, but on the other hand, I have amazing memories of specific moments from when some images were born. I’ve made good friends because I made a model call, and I value those friendships a lot. I’ve met great people also, and I’ve done crazy and amazing things too, things otherwise I wouldn’t have done.

What book would you recommend any creative person read?

CB: The Little Prince.

For me, it’s quite something. A book that at first sight seems to be for children, but, reading it as an adult, makes you wonder about and reconsider many things – having fun, what matters to you, and great things that are invisible to the eye.

You can view more of Carlos’ work at his website.

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