May 28, 2014

How to Make Beer Look Amazing in Photoshop (Part 2)

How to Make Beer Look Amazing in Photoshop

Product photography can be very difficult to master. Every highlight, shadow, and reflection show up in perfect detail and can make or break an image.

In How to Make Beer Look Amazing in Photoshop (Part 2) we show you how to take a normal photo of a Guiness and make it really stand out. You will learn how to cut the beer out from the background, how to create highlights on the glass, how to give the beer a proper “head”. In part two you will learn how to create bubbles and precipitation on the glass, create a reflection of the glass and add a nice glow to the background.

Creating Bubbles and Precipitation

After creating the reflections on the glass of beer it is time to add some bubbles and precipitation to make it look more realistic. The trick here is to use the opposite color from what appears on the glass.

To Achieve the precipitation effect we create two custom brushes. The first custom brush is a detailed “bubble” and is used to paint over top of the highlights. The second custom brush is just the outline of a “bubble” and is used to paint detail over the dark areas of the image. These details are obviously not photo real but will work if you don’t have anything to start with on your image.

Creating the Reflection

After finishing the glass it is time to create it’s reflection. To do this we group all of the layers necessary to create the glass and then duplicate the group. Next we merge the group with itself and transform it, flipping vertical. Then we place it under the original beer glass, lower it down, lower the opacity and add a layer mask to allow it to fade out of the image.

Adding a Glow

To finish the image off we add a subtle glow behind the Guiness. This gives us some nice separation between the glass and the background as well as calls some of the color from the Guiness itself.

Watch Part One

This episode is the second part of a two part tutorial. Be sure to check out part one here.


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    Jimmy Jansson

    Pretty cool to see your own image turn into something like this. Then you know where the weaknesses are, so you can practice to become beter as a photographer Thank you so very much Aaron. Cheers!

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    Gareth David O'Neill

    I always underestimate some of your Tutorials, there are times I see the thumbnail (Guinness) and think, will this really be that great in terms of teaching me new things? and low and behold you deliver on every single one of your tutorials. It’s worth watching them all even if your first impressions are that it’s not for you personally, give them a watch anyway there’s always something in there.

    The result is not surprising (because your awesome) but surprising in how natural and real it looked for something that was 2 thirds photo-shopped. Nice Image Jimmy

  • user image
    Abhay Rao

    Can someone please post the link to Jimmy’s pic on this website? I just wanna practice it along with the tutorial (which is absolutely great) & not to sell or anything. Thanks in advance!

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    Michael Marsden-Kieran

    This one was awesome! Thanks for posting all these great tutorials. I have downloaded and bought many PS tutorials, but things just seem to stick more when I watch yours, and they are more fun. Could you please do another product retouching video on jewellery? Perhaps a diamonds ring? Dealing with gradients to cover large black areas of the ring, enhancing shadows, painting metal &sharpening techniques. I would certainly buy that one!I could even send you one of my images! Thanks!! PHLEARN FORVER!!!

  • user image

    Do you get tired of hearing thank you? Too bad, here comes another one. Thank you for these detailed tutorials! I’ve been trying to go through at least one each weekend and have had so much fun learning new things. Adding a few PRO tutorials to the ol’ Christmas list, so give us a heads up for any holiday specials (hint, hint, hint).

  • user image
    Emmanuel Albó

    Thanks Aaron! i tried this tutorial and the one from Heineken in the same image. it turned out great!