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  • Behind the Scenes: The Crane

  • by Aaron Nace
    June 8, 2012
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The Crane

See the BTS footage of our latest portrait, as well as a sneak peek of the other shot we did that day! This image was inspired by the crane and is part of a larger series we are doing on bird species. I used part of a plastic 2 liter bottle to construct the base of the headpiece and our hairstylist hot-glued white feathers onto it, then incorporated it into the model’s hair using bobby pins and eyelash glue.

Lighting Setup

Strobist Info: WL1600(2) cam right into v flat gelled 1/4 CTB @1/2. WL1600(2) info v flat cam left gelled 1/4 CTO @1/2. WL1600 above model into med. strip box gridded @1/4. WL800(2) into ceiling for fill @1/1. WL1600 cam right into beauty dish @1/16

Paying attention to your light ratios and spot metering will make a big difference with your images. Gels are also a great way to warm up  or add cooler tones.

Post Production

We had a great shot to start out with for this image. Retouching, color toning, and replacing the background gives it much more of an effect to transform it into a stylized fantasy portrait. The most important part about putting a new background on a portrait is getting a great selection around your subject. Once that is accomplished the color tones need to match as well, paying attention to details will make all the difference.



Makeup: Mary Cerjan

Hair: Jessica Tiddes

Model: Madeline Dahlia

Assist: Zach Spinner

Production: Amelia Fletcher

Video: Joh White

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