Jun 18, 2013

Photoshop Techniques To Shave Away Unwanted Body Hair

Photoshop Techniques To Shave Away Unwanted Body Hair

We’re all mammals, which means that even the prettiest models are going to have some amount of body hair. There’s nothing wrong with this at all – but there are some instances when removing body hair can create a less distracting photo. Sunlight tends to emphasize body hair when shining from behind the subject, blowing out each individual hair into a bright highlight. Luckily, there are ways to fix this. We’re going to go over a quick and easy technique as well as a harder technique that has a more refined result.

The Easy Way

By clicking on our background with the magic wand tool, we’re able to get a rough selection around our subjects arm. We can then use the brush tool to paint away the hairs without affecting the arm. This does makes the image cleaner, but it still doesn’t look as great as it could.

The Hard Way

A much better way to make the selection is to use the pen tool. Not only does this get rid of the hair, but it also makes a smoother edge that makes the arm look better in general. Using the pen tool can be tricky, but it’s definitely worth getting to know. Want to know more about the pen tool? Click the pen tool tag above the video!

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    Kelly B

    This is a great topic – although fairly easy on a woman’s fair-haired arm. What do you do with a man’s hairy arm? I’ve had a few models that that have had some arm hair that looks normal in motion, but in a product photo it’s more noticeable standing 1/4″ or more from the skin. You see the texture of the hair on the skin, so you can’t remove that 1/4″ of hair that stands out, without things looking poorly Photoshopped. My technique right now is just cloning the edge of the hair to be closer to the skin, and not eliminating it altogether. Any other suggestions?