Apr 04, 2013

Remove Any Skin Blemish In Photoshop

We’ve focused on Retouching a lot here at Phlearn, taking care of zits, applying Makeup in Photoshop, you name it. But we’ve never covered taking care of larger Scale blemishes and redness, such as rosacea or in this case red powder. This technique works great for clearing up Skin, and we’re using an extreme example to prove it!

Hue & Saturation

Most of the red powder in this portrait can actually be cleared up by using a simple Hue & Saturation Adjustment Layer. By changing the Color Range, we can bring the powder and the Skin together to create a smooth, natural skin tone. Adjustments can be made on top of this layer, such as removing smaller blemishes.

Adding Highlights

To bring Highlights back into the skin, use the Brush Tool to paint white over the entire Face. With the Blend-If Tool, we can make the white only appear on the lighter parts of the Skin. This creates natural Highlights that prevent the Skin from looking too flat.

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    Paul Ferradas

    You threw me for a loop Aaron. I thought you were going to use the color picker tool to select your color range. I like the technique you used. I learned something new this morning, thanks to you. (Applause)

  • user image

    Love this technique. Thanks for sharing it with us. I think I told you already that you are the boss but it’s never enough with you 🙂

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    Marco Antonio Sariñana

    Awesome technique!!!!! This totally helps with those crazy color casts I get from shooting near grass or colored walls. Sometimes I don’t catch it when I’m shooting but now I can easily fix. Thanks so much!!!!!!!

  • user image

    Great Episode!!! I’ve been struggling with correcting those type of skin blemishes for a while. I’ve seen other techniques but this one is simple and smooth. The blend if option makes a huge difference! And the singing at the end…you’d probably win american idol lol

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    Ana M

    Awesome technique! Until now, whenever I wanted to correct skin, I did the small blemishes with the clone stamp or healing brush first and then got to more general adjustments like correcting skin tone. But i’ll try this too, taking care of more overall things first and then getting to small blemishes. It’s hard to tell which approach is best :))