retouch clothing and fabric in photoshop example after

How to Retouch Clothing & Fabric


Learn how to make clothing and fabric look amazing with the professional tools and techniques in Photoshop. Remove wrinkles, change color, recover details, add shape and definition, and much more!


  • 13 Sample Images
  • 1 Sample PSD
  • 1 Photoshop Action



Chapter 1 | Introduction
  • 01 - What You'll Learn
Chapter 2 | Retouching Clothing & Fabric
  • 01 - Change Color
  • 02 - Remove Logos & Marks
  • 03 - Increase Detail & Dynamic Range
  • 04 - Dodge & Burn
  • 05 - Remove Wrinkles
  • 06 - Remove & Smooth Undergarment Lines
  • 07 - Change the Shape
  • 08 - Add Logos & Graphics

Perfect Look. Perfect Fit. Every Time.

retouch clothing and fabric in photoshopretouch clothing and fabric in photoshop



Learn How to Retouch Clothing

Clothing is as much a part of a portrait as the person, oftentimes adding personality, color, and detail. We show you how to work with fabric and clothing in Photoshop to reduce distractions and help the clothing look like a natural extension of the subject.

Change & Enhance Colors

Change a red dress to green, make a shirt match the colors in an environment, or even add beautiful gradients for an eye-catching effect. Learn how to change, adjust, and enhance the colors of any fabric, with realistic results that look like the dye is still fresh.


Wrinkles, folds, loose strands of fabric. Clothing is tough to work with during a Photoshoot. No matter how much you try to style it on-set, there’s always some minor distractions and imperfections that make it into the final image. We show you how to use advanced techniques, like Frequency Separation, for a freshly-pressed look.

retouch clothing and fabric in photoshopretouch clothing and fabric in photoshop



Add & Remove Logos

Logos and branding are everywhere, especially when it comes to clothing. We show you how to remove logos and graphics from any type of material. And you’ll learn how to add logos of your own, matching the folds and details in clothing and fabric for a photorealistic look.

Products & E-Commerce

Quickly change colors, add logos and graphics, and make clothing look flawless. When clients ask for a variety of product mockups, you’ll be ready!

Professional Tools & Techniques

From dodging and burning to Frequency Separation, we break down the tools and techniques you’ll need to make clothing and fabric look amazing. We even include our world famous PHLEARN Frequency Separation Action, giving you access to professional techniques in half the time!

retouch clothing and fabric in photoshopretouch clothing and fabric in photoshop



Recover Fine Details

Sometimes the fine details in fabric get lost, making an image look flat. Learn how to recover those details and textures with precise exposure adjustments in Photoshop.

Help Clothing Look its Best

When you’re clothes look great, you feel great. The same goes for photos. We show you how to identify distractions and problem areas in clothing and fabric, drawing more attention to your subject, and helping them look their very best.

Retouch Any Fabric

From rough denim to soft silk, you’ll learn how to work with any fabric and any type of clothing in Photoshop. Clean it, straighten it, and bring out all of the natural textures and shine.

From Rough Denim, to Soft Silk

retouch clothing and fabric in photoshop example beforeretouch clothing and fabric in photoshop example after


Fabric that Flows

If you work with images of people, chances are that you also work with a lot of clothing and fabric. Learn how to help clothing look its best, from removing wrinkles, to changing the shape for a perfect fit, every time.

retouch clothing and fabric in photoshopretouch clothing and fabric in photoshop



Reduce & Remove Wrinkles

Forgot to iron? No problem! We show you how to reduce and remove wrinkles in any type of fabric, eliminate distractions and help your subject look their very best.

Fashion & Products

The techniques you learn in this course can be applied to a wide variety of images. Whether you shoot products, weddings, or high-fashion, you’ll be prepared to tackle clothing and fabric in any photo.

Frequency Separation

Frequency Separation works for more than just skin. We show you how to use this powerful retouching techniques to simplify clothing while preserving all of the original texture and details.

retouch clothing and fabric in photoshopretouch clothing and fabric in photoshop



Dodging & Burning

Add shape and definition to any fabric with professional dodging and burning techniques. Bring out the intricate details in a wedding dress, or the musculature underneath athletic-wear. Dodging and burning is one of the most powerful techniques that can take your images to the next level.

Enhance Folds & Structure

Add energy to a portrait by adding shape to the subject’s clothing. Create the illusion of a dress flowing in the wind, or enhance the structure and angles of a sharp new suit.

Reduce Distractions

Retouching clothing, like all other types of retouching, is about reducing distractions and drawing more attention to the subject. Learn the process of identifying problem areas, and then use the tools within Photoshop to simplify an image, keeping the attention where it matters most.

retouch clothing and fabric in photoshopretouch clothing and fabric in photoshop



Perfect Fit

Sometimes clothes don’t always cooperate when they’re being photographed. What looks great in person, might need some help in a photo. Learn how to shape and sculpt clothing around a body for a perfect fit, every time.

Techniques for All Photographers

Whether it’s a detailed wedding dress or a limited edition t-shirt, you’ll learn how to make it look perfect in Photoshop.

The Retouching Process

This course covers just one part of the retouching process. We’ve got you covered for the others. From eyes, to hair, to perfect skin, we’ve got a library of tutorials that will help you master the art of retouching.

Class Instructor

Aaron Nace

PHLEARN Founder – Class Instructor

Aaron Nace is a photographer, Photoshop artist and founder of PHLEARN. He is the #1 Photoshop instructor in the world with millions of YouTube subscribers.

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  1. Overall this was a great tutorial, easy to follow and to the point! I want to know how to smooth a garment when there isn’t any “smooth” portion to sample from? That addition to this would be epic!

  2. Hi there! Great stuff, thank you. I would love to see a tutorial on How to Retouch Clothing & Fabric when the garment is in full focus and close range to the camera and also has a textured weave and pattern to it. Every tutorial I see shows how to smooth clothing using a solid simple cotton material, which is not helpful when you are trying to smooth wrinkles and folds on a plaid wool suit, for example. Thank you!

  3. I’m expanding my photoshop knowledge arsenal by the minute. And it doesn’t even hurt! I just have a great time with learning with Phlearn.

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  8. Awesome tutorial once again. Really liked the new warp tool, haven’t installed the new version but this new action i just might. Keep them coming. As always you Rock

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  12. I’m halfway through it and so far it’s been great, I really recommend it. I already knew the tools so it’s not difficult for me to follow but I’ve never thought of using them this way. It’s extremely helpful and Aaron makes it very fun and light to watch. Thanks!

  13. I learn new things in every video. Frequency Separation for clothes? ? (Forehead slap). You are so entertaining. I have subscriptions to other photography, LR, PS websites, but yours is my favorite. By the way, I have a question. When do you decide to create a blank new layer versus a duplicate layer? Thank you!

  14. HI PHLEARN I like your course very much. Your course not only taught me a lot of Photoshop skills, but also taught me a lot of thinking about drawing. This is something that few people in China will teach. I hope you can produce a Chinese version of the course. That must be liked by a lot of people.

  15. Thank you very much, Aaron. Great information, great! Your lessons are enjoyable, I reinforce my knowledge. Sincerely

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  17. Excellent. So much covered it what from the title seems like a simple subject. One suggestion: On the final chapter, when you place a logo on an image’s shirt, that’s a case where either the ability to save a short cut to a specific point in the video, or limited transcripts would be useful. As you noted, lots of steps with: Logo, warp, apply image, channel-mask, displacement, multiple blend mode …. see, I think I forgot something already .

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