Jan 29, 2014

Styling An Image With Curves In Photoshop

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    Cheri Breen

    Great job Rob! I am a new photography student, and even though I don’t know how to do most of what y’all are saying, its very informative for me to see what is possible. I can’t wait to learn PS better and start turning in my photos!

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    Peter McLinn

    On the good side the final product turned out good. Rob obviously likes what he is doing and is good at it. I’ll give the negative feedback, this is almost unwatchable with the “ummms”. The demo didn’t show the work being done, so the creative process is lost. I also found Rob’s arm movement and snacks on the desk distracting. Presenting in front of the camera is no easy job, we are just spoiled I guess with AKNACER.

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      Geordie Prior

      Ya I feel the same. The picture looks great and the editing was amazing but there were a few too many “umm”s. I still appreciate the video though!

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    Nadia Boudreau

    One drink for every time Rob goes “ummm”, two drinks for every time he says “I went ahead and ..” or “I’m going to go ahead and…” lol

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    I really like Robs work scanning his flickr account, obviously he wasn’t too comfortable with the camera, but the informative value is still there. He is no less quirky than Aaron, watch early Phlearn videos, Aaron wasn’t as polished, took time. Love this takeover, hope you guys have more takeovers, possibly outside of the studio would be neat!

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    Carrie Tucci

    Really nice job Rob. It’s good to see an alternative to Aaron’s (awesome) editing style. This series is really amazing and inspirational. Kudos to your models for letting you light the fire so close. Amazing results! I love the B&W layer. I’m going to play with that.