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  • Natural Light & Levitation: Compositing with Rob Woodcox

  • by Rob Woodcox
    July 2, 2019
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rob woodcox compositing photoshop youtube

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Tutorial Description

Fine art and fashion photographer Rob Woodcox is here to share his creative skills with you! Watch and follow along as he pulls together one of his most popular images. You’ll learn how to create a levitation composite in Photoshop from photos that were all taken in a single location and using only natural light!

If you want to learn even more about how Rob creates his extraordinary images, check out our PRO tutorial Fine Art Compositing with Rob Woodcox! Join Rob as he recreates four stunning composite images, sharing professional techniques for blending images together, retouching people and environments, and creating beautiful compositions. Best of all, he offers valuable insight into how he shot each image and how he continues to grow and maintain his creative business.

Make sure you follow Rob on Instagram and see if he’s coming to a city near you for an hands-on workshop!

Fine Art Compositing

Rob’s work communicates powerful messages of unity, identity, and the importance of human interaction. Combining locations that are both beautiful and interesting, with expressive models and subjects, he is able to fuse people and places to create stunning scenes.

Rob talks about his inspirations, how he develops his ideas, and how he uses Photoshop to bring it all to life.

Retouching, Compositing & Composition

Over the past ten years Rob has traveled the world, creating beautiful images of the people and places he’s explored. That experience has helped him develop a strong and efficient workflow for compositing, retouching, and sharing his work with the world.

Learn techniques for capturing both a subject and location at the same time and using the same natural light source. This allows for easier compositing later when pulling all of the elements together into Photoshop. Rob is also a master of composition, always finding interesting ways to place his subjects into the surrounding environment. See his process in action as he talks through how he comes up with such creative scenes and powerful composition.

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