Oct 30, 2014

How to Transform the Body in Photoshop

Shaping the Body

Altering a model’s body proportions is a very controversial topic. In today’s episode, we show you some techniques to get a great transformed body without pushing it too far.

Although tucking the stomach in usually comes to mind first, there are many other helping tricks for shaping bodies in Photoshop. Generally, you are going for increased height in the body. Lengthening the legs and the neck is a great subtle way to do this.

Puppet Warp

Duplicate the background layer and go to Edit -> Puppet Warp. With this tool, you can create anchor points for the areas that you would like to stay in place. For this image we create points on her hips and then on the outsides of her feet. Then, we can pull the feet down a little and stretch only the legs out.

You can use puppet warp for stretching the neck as well. Put points around her head so that it doesn’t move, and one on each shoulder. Then lift the head up to lengthen the neck.

At last, tummy slimming! We use the same puppet technique for this as well. Be careful not to over over-exaggerate this transformation.


On a duplicate of your top layer, go to Filter -> Liquify. We use the Forward Warp Tool which can be found at the top left of the dialogue, and allows you to push and pull the image. Use this tool to bring in her arms and hips a bit.


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    Jonathan Mezzagno

    COOL! THANKS. How do you remove wrinkles in clothing. Sometimes there so much wrinkles, it hard to remove them with out looking fake.

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    Thanks for this one guys! The number one thing I get asked, when I have to take a portrait photo is, “can you take 20 pounds off of me?” Which is followed almost invariably by, “Can you give me a tan, too?” So this tutorial will be helpful.

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    Gerd Moors

    Great tutorial! Well done & keep up the good work!
    ps: nice T-shirt and mug 😉

  • user image

    A great tutorial
    I am new to the Phlearn Community and will be recommending it to others,

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    Another great tutorial! Let’s suppose you have a photo of three ladies and the one in the middle wants to lose a little weight for this photo. How do you help her out without distorting the gals right next to her? Can it be done?

    • user image

      In the latest version of Photoshop there is a feature in the advanced options called “FREEZE MASK BRUSH/TOOL” that you can paint a mask around the areas you don’t want to be affected and the liquify will not touch those regions at all. It’s kind of like content aware is built into it and it’s amazing! 😀

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        Mark day

        Hi Phlearn,
        Loved this tutorial – Aaron really is a fantastic instructor. Was wondering if you guys have made a body re-shaping tutorial using the freeze mask tool? Keep up the excellent tutorial – I’m phlearning so much

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    Marty M

    Great tutorial as usual. I like the use of restraint. I have never played with puppet warp. I think I will practice on images of my cat, Lola. She could shed a half pound or so.

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    Laurent Hou

    Cool simple tutorial. But as far as I am concerned, I don’t really like transforming people. Even if you did not make the girl look unhealthily skinny in the end, the final image is really very different from the initial one… I therefore tend to transform people only when shooting fashion or and without going too far… or for a concept image that requires very specific aesthetics. I am also lucky no one asked me to slim them unreasonably after I took a shot…

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    Dave M

    Nice shirt! 😉

    Another great tutorial and thanks for sharing some of uses of puppet warp and liquify tools.

  • user image

    Excelent!! I have not understand the Pupet, now, thanks to Aaron, I do! Thank a lot!!! 🙂

  • user image

    do you have somewhere that you post the pictures you use I can never seem to find any good practice images.
    (I’m 15, new to Photoshop, and trying to learn)

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    Chelle S

    Thanks for another amazing tutorial! I was baffled by the puppet warp tool before now. Now I know what to do with it. Your tutorials are always informative and fun. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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    Thom Keach

    Your videos are amazing. The fact that you give them for free is above and beyond. I’ve only watched a couple so far but I have learned a lot from each of them. I can’t wait to try this puppet tool out as I have a lady that wants me to reduce her chubby cheeks…

  • user image

    Love these tutorials, you are a great teacher, showing the advanced stuff in a very simple and fun manner.
    I especially enjoyed the “Make fangs” and “create makeup” and “Black eyes”

    Ofen these days, I come into settings where these things may have been very very cool, but I have still yet to find any good tutorials on them:
    – How to make Caucasian skin totally black
    – How to make any skin totally white
    – How to make believable “latex” of various colors on skin.

    So far, I’ve managed trough trial and error and many many layers to create black looking skin, the “latex” often look more like leather though, there must be an easier way! =)

    May be a tall order.

    • user image

      I would also like to learn how to make latex clothing or coat someone in glossy paint. Aaron? Help!

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    Loved this episode. Very helpful. Of course I am going to go warp photos of myself right now!

    p.s. nice shirt

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    Phooey. I am doing something wrong. I added the points, then clicked two to move both at the same time and started dragging one point and the whole image started to rotate. HALP!

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    Nick Leiva

    I’m learning a lot from your video’s and I have a long way to go but I’m also interested in learning how to air brush, matching skin color in photoshop can you help

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    James D

    I’ve been Phlearned yet again, my coffee often goes cold in the morning watching your tutorials and picking up things I missed the first time. Life changing, thanks Team Phlearn.

  • user image

    Aaron, great video! Thank you for all of the time you spend putting these lessons together and sharing your knowledge.

  • user image

    Thank you so much for all of your videos. When I first started with PS I had no idea what I was doing or where to start, but your videos have helped me so much!

  • user image

    Great tutorial! simple and effective. Just learned the puppet warp. Been using liquify pretty exclusively!

  • user image

    There’s this girl I went out with that I knew for almost 30 yrs . Her pictures she kept on posting looked beautiful. When I picked her up and spent almost 3 hours with her I couldn’t believe how different she looked. I didn’t say nothing to her but I was totally pissed off that she constantly posts pics of herself by changing her body from being just a regular 51 yr old woman to a 51 yr old beautiful women. I didn’t know anything about photo shop until 2 other girls that knew her that I knew told me what she’s been doing. I think it’s disgusting to deceive a person with beautiful looks and u look nothing like ur real picture. If u can send me back an email. Is there any way of telling if a person is lying about herself before u go out with them. Thank you very much. Dean

  • user image

    Great episode!! very useful stuff! I think I’ll come here now for all my photoshop needs!

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    I try to transform one of the picture i took with puppet warp i can’t active the pin button can someone help out please.

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    Daniel Allen

    My first attempt at this. I think It came out pretty good. Thank you so much for all the tips!